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Sothink DHTMLMenu

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XP Web Buttons for Windows

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SplineTech JavaScript HTML
Flexible DHTML menu builder
Calculate on the WEB. Convert
XP Web Buttons enables you to
Debugger is an award-winning
to easily create
MS Excel spreadsheet into
produce stunning looking
web development tool that
professional DHTML popup
good-looking calculating web
buttons and navigation bars
enables you to easily edit
menus, cross-browser drop
page. No plugins. Solve your
for your web pages with
and debug JavaScript and
down navigation menus
problem using Excel and
ease. It generates all
VBScript inside HTML pages.
without any DHTML or
convert it to HTML with
button images, Javascript
Client-Side JavaScript,
JavaScript experience.
JavaScript. No programming.
and HTML code on the fly, so
JScript and VBScript
Compatible with almost all
Makes interactive
you don't need any
debugging languages are
web browsers included IE 7.0
calculating webpages
additional graphics or
fully supported for simple
(Beta) and Opera 9. It
feasible. Easy updating.
rogramming skills, and
and complex HTML and DHTML
seamlessly integrates with
Supports 190
you'll get instant
debugging scenarios.
FrontPage and Dreamweaver.
Excel-functions. Use it for
results. The buttons are
Built-in templates assist
expense report, survey,
fully customizable, they
you to build new DHTML menus
order forms, reservation
react to mouseover and
from existing beautiful
forms, application,
mousedown events, support
menus. Pre-design styles are
financial advisor,
any XP themes, font face,
available to new menu items
ROI-calculator, engineering.
font style, shadows, icons,
Live line, bar, pie charts!
alignment, links, targets,
tooltips and more. XP,
Win98, and new Vista Aero
button themes are available.

Date: Dec, 17 2006

Date: Dec, 04 2006

Date: Nov, 09 2006

Date: Nov, 01 2006
JavaScript Collector is an
jsFileMaker is a Javascript
Encrypt HTML Pro is an
By means of this program you
offline searchable snippet
external file creator that
application to encrypt HTML
can create own collections
database stuffed with over
will take an HTML page or
files and protect your web
of a javascripts codes,
200 ready-to-use JavaScripts
plain text page and create a
pages from unauthorized
which you may saw on a many
with the installation
.js file. External files
copy. It can prevent others
web-sites. The program
package, which you can
can be created from a whole
from viewing and reusing
saves all data, necessary
preview within an
page, a selected portion or
your web page source code,
for a scripts functioning.
instance!!! With just a
the body of a page. The
including HTML source code,
Also a scripts can use
mouse click, you can easily
calling html page is also
JavaScript, VBScript,
external files (CSS,
preview the output of the
created. The .js file
external JavaScript js
graphics, sounds...)
JavaScript without any
can be 'squeezed' by taking
files, css files, text,
coding in your favorite
out extraneous space so
links and graphics, thus
browser. Just sit back and
reducing download times.
protect your hard work and
relax and let the JavaScript
The external file can use
unique design on the web.n
Collector do the work for
either 'write' or 'writeln'.
addition to encrypt HTML
you. With an easy and
jsFilemaker can also
source code and make it
overviewable interface, it
'squeeze' an HTML file.
impossible for people to
has never been easier to
read, Encrypt HTML Pro also
find those "hard to
takes some additional
find" JavaScripts
measures to further protect
snippets. Just let the
your web page, such as
JavaScript Collector keep
disable right mouse click,
track of all of your
disable link display in
JavaScripts and other
status bar, disable text
HTML-based scripts collected
selection, disable off-line
and organized all in one
use, disable page printing,
place and always in reach!
disable IE6 image toolbar
and smart tags, add referrer
URL check, etc. The
encrypted page will have the
same appearance as the
original one.

Date: Oct, 02 2006

Date: Aug, 24 2006

Date: Jul, 30 2006

Date: Jul, 27 2006
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