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Aspose.AdHoc for .NET

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With contentXXL you can
Aspose.AdHoc is an ASP.NET
ASPRunner.NET creates a set
Web Based File Manager for
easily and safely create
component to quickly and
of ASP.NET pages to access
IIS (5, 6) servers. It looks
multilingual and dynamic
easily add ad hoc
and modify Oracle, SQL
like “Windows Explorer”. It
websites with structured
capabilities to ASP.NET
Server, MS Access, MySQL.
is support many standard
content objects on the basis
application. It also
Easy to follow wizard-like
features like Create, Cut,
of more then 50
supports; Building Queries
interface will walk you
Copy, Delete, Paste, Rename,
out-of-the-box ASP.NET
like Drag and drop on to web
through the steps of
Edit, View, Files search and
components. Modules are
form, Editable dropdown list
building the pages in just
advanced technical features:
simply placed in browser
that supports auto complete
15 minutes. Generated
Directory Tree, Drag-n-Drop,
using drag&drop. A
function, Parsing SQL
ASP.NET code is robust and
Disk Quota, Context and Drop
powerful Content
statements, Queries output
easy to modify. Version
Down Menu, SSL(HTTPS)
Relationship Management
to webpage and documents
3.0 comes with ASP.NET 2.0
support. Version for Active
System is used to relate all
like Word, Excel & PDF,
support (C# and VB.NET).
Directory designed to use
types of objects, e.g.
Show SQL statement window,
secure NTLM authentication
products, contacts, events
UI Control for Customer CSS
and it can automatically
or documents using topic
Style. Simply assign a
authorize users based on
maps. contentXXL has
DataTable object as the data
their security group
advanced multilanguage
source on your web form and
membership. Users will only
features like in-context
let the component do the
be able to access
language switching and
information they have NTFS
language fallback to default
permissions to. Intelligent
language. Connectors for
web interface, allows users
Sharepoint and Active
remotely access their
Directory, more then 30
personal or common folders.
Certified Solution Partners
Multiple browsers support!
worldwide. Examples:
, http://press.adidas.com,
... New contentXXL Entry
Edition (very few
limitations): $2,972

Date: Dec, 22 2006

Date: Dec, 15 2006

Date: Dec, 08 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006
The Desktop Alert Emergency
.NET Chart Designer is
Medica IT (Hospital
orderTalk provides hosted and
Mass Notification System
comprehensive charting
Management System) is a
managed restaurant online
utilizes "Actionable
application that supports
tool that empowers the
ordering software for the
Intelligence". The
more then 40 chart types in
management to visualize the
fast food and hospitality
ability to in-place
multiple modes, meaning that
entire business Happening of
industry. The solution gives
intelligent methods,
literally hundreds of
the organization sitting in
restaurant operators the
functions and triggers that
different styles and types
front of a PC. The
ability to offer online
interact with and bring
are available for users.The
software ensures full data
ordering for their
crucial data to and from
legend can be flexible
handshaking among the
restaurants without the need
end-users based on end-user
integrated to the chart
modules to ensure error-free
to develop or host their own
and/or managements
area. The multi-line headers
operation with minimum
predefined business rules
and rotated labels are
effort and ensure
and settings. The entire
supported. The chart layout
availability of data when
platform is written in C#
(titles, fonts, colors,
and where it is
and utilizes web services
labels’ escapement etc) can
required. The healthcare
and SoapXml across port
be stored in the file and
centers can definitely
80. Included is a Active
reused with different data.
improve the operational
Directory Scanner service
efficiency and save cost of
which continually updates
Operation through proper
the Desktop Alert system
implementation of the
database with changes that
modules. Medica IT is not a
occur in the Active
dead end product. A Team of
Directory. This is an
doctors and computer
Enterprise Level Platform
professionals are working
currently used by:
constantly at our
-SAP -U.S.
development center to make
Military -Intel -KPMG and
it more effective and
a number of other fortune
incorporate latest
500 firms. The client
advancements in the field of
application includes Windows
Information Technology.
Client Authentication.
Internet connectivity to
certain modules of Medica
IT(Hospital Management
System) would be provided,
and we are also working on
direct interface with
complex instruments etc.

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Nov, 21 2006

Date: Nov, 20 2006
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