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Hour Tracker

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Birthday Reminder

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.NET ChartFX for VS2003

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Images are created directly
Hour Tracker Pro: Time
The Birthday reminder will
In order to take full
on the website using an
tracking system that allows
help manage birthdays for
advantage of the .NET
intuitive and fully-featured
for multiple employees. Hour
you. It will also send you
benefits, you should use
user interface. Using the
Tracker Pro is extremely
two day reminders and same
components that have been
powerful and familiar method
configurable to any
day reminders for upcomming
rewritten, not re-Wrapped,
of graphic layers you can
business. Use as an Intranet
for .NET. Because it was
compose website images from
or Internet time-clock punch
completely rewritten (not
a variety of shapes, text,
system. Hour Tracker Pro is
re-wrapped) for .NET. Chart
images and textures. Image
a Web application for .NET
FX for .NET takes full
definitions are stored as
Windows server. Features
advantage of the Microsoft
standard XML files,
include: Instant view change
.NET Framework to produce
preserving their multi-layer
where the start of the
the most advanced data
attributes which enables
workweek and the structure
visualization solution
rapid and efficient
of the calendar view could
available. Chart FX for
modifications to be made to
be changed at an instance.
.NET includes an extensive
images at any time. This is
In manager mode, all time
collection of new features
a particularly useful
card entries are completely
and enhancements driven by
feature during the dynamic
editable and switching to
requests made by our
process of website
employee interface is as
customers. This release
development. GM-X Pro
easy as selecting a name.
leverages all of the
fully supports the web
features of the Microsoft
standard graphic types GIF,
.NETŪ platform in a product
JPG and PNG as input and
specifically designed for
export formats. Each layer
Web and Windows Forms
supports its own independent
level and type of
transparency. Runs on
any Microsoft Windows .NET
server producing standard
HTML - no browser plugins
required. Full control
over the quality of your
images (compression and
color depth).

Date: Dec, 07 2005

Date: Dec, 01 2005

Date: Dec, 01 2005

Date: Nov, 26 2005
Features include: *
"Instantly Create a
Quickly and easily Convert VB
Runtime creating and resizing
Both DNN2 and DNN3 versions
Network of Content-Based,
and VB.NET project to C#.
.Spire.Designer provides
included! Double the
Profitable Websites from
The best tool available for
support to Move, re-size,
value!! * Saves valuable
Online Articles in
converting VB & VB.net
and create objects controls
screen real estate by
minutes!" Discover
into C# is in the current
at runtime. The controls can
rotating any number of
how you can make an almost
market. Save your much time
be moved using mouse as well
DotNetNuke modules within a
unlimited number of
and money by using
as keyboard. Rich functions
single module * Hide the
profitable websites in a
TransKing.. Converting the
Multi-select, edit and
titles of all the rotated
fractional amount of time.
project source more than 99%
designer events, Relative
modules with a single
Generate a professional,
, Some projects after
Align controls, Undo and
setting There are two
content-based network of
conversion can compile and
Redo, Saving and loading
modes of operation:
sites now! This incredible
run immediately. Flexible
form to/from file,
Timer (Client Side):
tool searches for, downloads
user interface : the
Customizable designer
* Choose the timer option
and extracts hundreds of
intuitive TransKing Wizard
features. Standard and 3rd
and pick the duration in
articles about your choice
guides you to do Conversion
party components
milliseconds. * Rotation
topics. Each article is then
supporting. Nested controls
happens on the client so no
generated into its own
supporting Dynamic
ugly postbacks are necessary
webpage, instantly adding
component information Tool
to show the content * An
quality content to your own
tip in runtime design. Pure
optional setting allows the
network of websites.
.NET component written in
rotation to pause when a
100% manged C#.
user hovers over the show
module Non Timer (Server
Side): * Rotation to
the next module happens only
when a postback is made
* Quicker inital loading
because only the shown
module is rendered
Security: * Rights
mimic the modules they
contain and will only show
if the user has the proper

Date: Nov, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 12 2005

Date: Nov, 11 2005

Date: Nov, 11 2005
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