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Shopping cart for Microsoft
DockStudioXP 2 provides you
Aspose.License is an
Aspose.Obfuscator is an
FrontPage and Macromedia
with the ability to deliver
absolutely free .Net
absolutely free .Net
Dreamweaver/UltraDev running
Office XP/2003 toolbars and
software licensing component
software obfuscator, which
on the Windows ASP.NET
dockable windows. Docked,
which can check against
obfuscates .Net software so
application server platform.
Floating, Collapsed and
preset license fields
decompiling result of
Uses Open source VB ASP.NET
Tab-Docked docking window
including License Name,
aspose.obfuscated software
scripting and either Access
styles. In-built Theme
Product, Company, Version,
is almost impossible to be
or SQL database.
support, MDI and Visual
Expired Days, Expired Date,
understood, offering the
Step-by-step wizard guides
Studio.NET style Tabbed-MDI
Owner Name, Organization
best technology to protect
initial store completion.
document management.
Name, Assembly's Filename,
.Net software author's
Real-time shipping service
Assembly's Company,
innovative idea, design
free for a year. Comes
Assembly's Product,
logic, or source code from
complete with support for
Assembly's Version, Domain
being stolen.
AuthorizeNet, PayPal and
Names, IP Addresses, CPUs,
other popular transaction
as well as your own custom
processors, browser-based
license fields as many as
order management,
you expect. With it, you can
store and distribute your
product/catalog management.
licensing strategy via
Build unlimited shopping
multi-level encrypted
carts with unlimited
license files while manage
products from a single
issued licenses via XML.
install. Contains advanced
features like auction,
product options,
discounting, LivePerson,
real-time currency
calculation and more.

Date: Jul, 27 2004

Date: Apr, 15 2004

Date: Apr, 05 2004

Date: Apr, 05 2004
ActiveMail Lite is a lite
Netcoole's ASP2ASPX is an ASP
Apoc PDF Toolkit is a high
Free license available -
version of our component
to ASP.NET Conversion for
quality software component
ActiveMail. ActiveMail Lite
migrating from ASP to
that developers can add to
only includes SMTP features.
ASP.NET. It can convert your
their applications in order
Included features : All SMTP
ASP projects to ASP.NET in a
to manipulate existing PDF
functionalities (sending
documents and create new PDF
emails), mail queuing
documents. Developed using
support, mail merge,
Microsoft's .NET
validation, MX & DNS
environment, this 100%
management, parsing. Our
managed code toolkit is
component is all you need to
compatible with any .NET
send emails from a single
application such as ASP.NET
one to hundreds of
applications, Windows
thousands! Please check our
applications and Console
pricing page to see the
financial advantage of this

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: Mar, 18 2004

Date: Mar, 18 2004

Date: Mar, 12 2004
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