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Aurigma Red-Eye Removal Add-on

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ChartFX Financial

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ChartFX Maps

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Additional module for
Get a snapshot of your web
Chart FX Financial Extension
Chart FX Maps not only offers
Aurigma’s .NET imaging
server's performance anytime
product has been designed to
a comprehensive library of
component Graphics Mill for
from anywhere. Script
provide a vast variety of
maps, but it also allows the
.NET which extends its
installs in two easy steps.
predefined financial
developer to add their own
functionality with red-eye
Discover bottlenecks and
indicators and special chart
maps through the universal
effect removal. It can
keep your server responsive.
types to perform Technical
SVG standard. Software FX
remove red-eye effect from
Views on cell-phones and
Analysis on stock market
is introducing a robust
photos in two modes:
PDAs nicely.
data and information.
collection of high-quality,
semi-automatic and manual.
Here's a sample list of
accurate 5 digit zip code
Unlike many other red-eye
indicators supported by
maps of every state in the
removal solutions it
Chart FX Financial: 10-Days
United States. Save
recognizes facial features
Moving Average 50-Days
development time and money
and cuts off those areas
Moving Average 200-Days
with this complete, 50
which are least possible to
Moving Average Accumulation
state, 5 digit zip code SVG
be red eyes. It prevents
Distribution Average True
library. We have developed
damage of reddish portions
Range Bollinger
the most comprehensive
of face which are not eyes.
Bands Chaikin
collection of 5 digit zip
Oscillator Chaikin's
code maps - fully compatible
Volatility Commodity
with Chart FX Maps - that
Channel Index Detrended
are ready to integrate into
Price Oscillator Ease of
your mapping application.
Movement Envelopes
Exponential Moving
Average Lanes Stochastics
M.A. Convergence/Divergence
Mass Index Median Price
Momentum Money Flow Index
Relative Strenght Index
Standard Deviation
Triangular Moving Average
TRIX Typical Price
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volume Volume Oscillator
Weighted Close Weighted
Moving Average Williams %R

Date: Apr, 07 2006

Date: Apr, 06 2006

Date: Apr, 04 2006

Date: Apr, 04 2006
MIRACLE CRM is highly
Corporate Site Starter Kit
BugSentry is a bug tracking
Web Application Code
customizable and is
for ASP.NET 2.0 allows you
application that
Generator produces fully
delivered complete with all
to create a fully editable
automatically captures error
functional accrual-based 3
of the features expected
corporate web site with
information, encrypts it,
tier architecture in a ready
from a great CRM package.
news, product catalog,
and sends it to us. We
to run ASP.NET 2.0
From the front-end interface
on-line forms, newsletter,
notify you and you can see
application. Web Application
to security and reporting,
forums, image gallery and a
the error information with
Code Generator is a software
users have the ability to
simple store. The web site
*no user intervention.* No
development tool for
quickly and easily configure
and the administration
more "a message came up
building ASP.NET 2.0 web
the application without
interface are available with
but I don't know what it
applications on a generated
relying on the expertise of
source code in both VB.NET
said." BugSentry is
.NET 2.0 API. This tool will
IT professionals. With
and C#.
a fully hosted solution.
help you create web
MIRACLE CRM, users can:
There is no server to
applications and components
Track the sales life cycle,
configure. Your issues are
from your database structure
forecast future revenue, and
encrypted with your public
much quicker than
manage customer
key. You can be up and
programming everything
relationships. Manage
running in 20 minutes.
manually. This is a Rapid
support and service issues.
Application Development
Customize the application's
(RAD) tool.
fields, forms and security
roles without any IT
interaction. Create
automated workflow and
escalation rules for all
workflow objects. Create
ad-hoc reports and charts,
including data mining on all
custom fields and objects

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Date: Mar, 05 2006
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