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Hospital Management System

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Desktop Alert Software

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Izenda Ad Hoc

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Medica IT (Hospital
The Desktop Alert Emergency
Aspose.License is an
Agile Reporting for ASP.NET
Management System) is a
Mass Notification System
absolutely free .Net
* Intuitive and Completely
tool that empowers the
utilizes "Actionable
software licensing component
Web-Based AJAX Report
management to visualize the
Intelligence". The
which can check against
Designer. Zero Footprint. No
entire business Happening of
ability to in-place
preset license fields
client software to
the organization sitting in
intelligent methods,
including License Name,
install. * Instant
front of a PC. The
functions and triggers that
Product, Company, Version,
Availability. Izenda Ad Hoc
software ensures full data
interact with and bring
Expired Days, Expired Date,
can be up and running in
handshaking among the
crucial data to and from
Owner Name, Organization
about an hour without any
modules to ensure error-free
end-users based on end-user
Name, Assembly's Filename,
coding. * Integrated
operation with minimum
and/or managements
Assembly's Company,
Charting. Pie, bar,
effort and ensure
predefined business rules
Assembly's Product,
scatterplot and trend
availability of data when
and settings. The entire
Assembly's Version, Domain
charts. * Easy Sharing and
and where it is
platform is written in C#
Names, IP Addresses, CPUs,
Exporting. Share, email or
required. The healthcare
and utilizes web services
as well as your own custom
export to PDF, Excel and
centers can definitely
and SoapXml across port
license fields as many as
more in one click.
improve the operational
80. Included is a Active
you expect. With it, you can
efficiency and save cost of
Directory Scanner service
store and distribute your
Operation through proper
which continually updates
licensing strategy via
implementation of the
the Desktop Alert system
multi-level encrypted
modules. Medica IT is not a
database with changes that
license files while manage
dead end product. A Team of
occur in the Active
issued licenses via XML.
doctors and computer
Directory. This is an
professionals are working
Enterprise Level Platform
constantly at our
currently used by:
development center to make
-SAP -U.S.
it more effective and
Military -Intel -KPMG and
incorporate latest
a number of other fortune
advancements in the field of
500 firms. The client
Information Technology.
application includes Windows
Internet connectivity to
Client Authentication.
certain modules of Medica
IT(Hospital Management
System) would be provided,
and we are also working on
direct interface with
complex instruments etc.

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DNK Google Search is an
With contentXXL you can
MantisConnect is a C#
View your server's system
application that makes use
easily and safely create
webservice client connecting
event log from anywhere.
of Google's Search
multilingual and dynamic
to a PHP webservice. The C#
Great for troubleshooting
Webservice. The application
websites with structured
webservice client is CLS
without needing a special
is written in 100% managed
content objects on the basis
compliant and hence it can
ports or connections for
C# code. The application
of more then 50
be used from any .NET
hard-to-reach servers behind
look and feel is very
out-of-the-box ASP.NET
language. The webservice
firewalls. Works from
similar to that of Google,
components. Modules are
can also be used from any
anywhere. Place on all your
but can be very easily
simply placed in browser
programming languages that
customized to fit your
using drag&drop. A
supports webservices.
needs. DNK Google Search is
powerful Content
available to you at no
Relationship Management
charge. YES! IT'S FREE
System is used to relate all
types of objects, e.g.
products, contacts, events
or documents using topic
maps. contentXXL has
advanced multilanguage
features like in-context
language switching and
language fallback to default
language. Connectors for
Sharepoint and Active
Directory, more then 30
Certified Solution Partners
worldwide. Examples:
, http://press.adidas.com,
... New contentXXL Entry
Edition (very few
limitations): $2,972

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