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XML Navigation

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SWF Hit Counter

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Copyright Year Updater

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This is an easy to use
This script counts the
Have you ever noticed what
Silver style Flash based
navigation solution for your
numbers of visitors of a
happens to your stupid
alarm clock packed as
site. All the thing that you
flash file. A php scripts
action script/swf file's
component for Macromedia
need is just edit the xml
works in the backend. It
copyright notice when a year
Flash. You can insert it
file to add new link. It has
uses a flat text file to
changes? You are creating
from Flash just with a
a very attractive background
count the hits. It is very
the file in 2006 and giving
single click. The user can
and sound to each navigation
simple and very useful
copyright notice "
configure the alarm time to
script for complete Flash
Your Company 2006" and
be activated at the hour and
files. In the new version it
after 2006 comes to end it
minutes entered from the web
also prevent chaching so
will remain 2006. No No! use
page that contains an
that the correct hit count
this script to updated it
instance of the clock.
is always shown.
automatically in swf file.

Date: Sep, 11 2006

Date: Sep, 09 2006

Date: Sep, 09 2006

Date: Aug, 29 2006
Micro Menu is a menu made in
Targa menu XML is a menu made
You have same pictures from
These HOT, Fresh, Flash
flash but it does not
in flash but it does not
your own camera and you want
PageRank scripts check the
require flash for
require flash to run, you
to create a nice
Google PageRank of any site.
customization; you can use
can use almost any HTML
presentation that could be
The script is written in
almost any HTML editor to
editor to insert the menu in
publishing on web or on a
Flash actionscript and PHP
insert the menu in a web
a web page, it is a simple
CD? You need a presentation
(one php file). It is very
page adn customize it. It is
flash file (swf file), the
CD for your wedding or for a
easy to load and use in
a simple flash file (swf
menu can be customized by
big social event? Or you
literally seconds. Only
file), the menu can be
editing a configuration file
simple want to share your
$3.00 to put these very
customized by editing a
(the XML file) that will be
pictures with others? Here
useful, and very attractive
configuration file (the XML
placed in the same directory
is the solution for your
tools on your site. You
file) that will be placed in
with the menu, so you can
needs: a small ready to use
will get the PHP file, the
the same directory with the
customize the menu using any
flash presentation gallery.
Flash (.fla) to edit to your
menu, so you can customize
text editor. If you want to
whim, the Flash Movie (.swf)
the menu using any text
do more with the menu than
that you can simply load on
editor. Here is what you
it can also be used with
your site along the the PHP
can customize in the
custom actions inside
and have it working (don't
configuration file: -the
flash. Here are the options
forget to CHMOD- set
buttons text -the buttons
that you can set by it`s
permissions to 777).
URL to open -the target
configuration file:
frame of the URL to open
-Background file, this can
(same window, new window...)
be a jpg like the samples
-menu color -main
above or a swf file
buttons text color -sub
(animation, banners etc)
buttons text color -alpha
-Buttons text -Buttons
value (transparency) of the
URL to open -The target
rollover light effect
frame of the URL to open
(same window, new
window...) -Menu color and
transparency -Rollover
effect color and it`s
transparency -Buttons
text color -Rollover
delay, the milliseconds to
wait until the menu will
move up when mouse is over
it. -Buttons text color
on rollover -Sound
effects volume

Date: Aug, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 09 2006

Date: Jul, 21 2006
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