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King Tutankhamen

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Easily add an Flash FLV Video
This looped sequence is not
Player to your Dreamweaver
vectorised, but instead a
websites using our custom
series of png files with
FLV Player Extension. A
transparent background.
single external FLV file is
Suitable for animated gif
displayed within the player
creation or as elements in
using the Flash MX FlashVars
your project or animation.
for Passing the url to your
external FLV file. This
loads an external Flash FLV
Video file for progressive
flv file streaming to be
played within our Flash 7
Media Controller. The
FlashVars feature is used to
specify an FLV file. The
FlashVars holds a single
relative or full url to the
FLV file to be played and
can be used as a local or
web-based FLV Player.

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1
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