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We have developed a Flash
This Component will create
Description: This component
Welcome to imageWeaver, a
easy to play Puzzle game and
simple or complex Drop Down
extends the funcionality of
tool that is so time saving
we also provide you with
Option menus and ListBox
the default macromedia Tree
you will not have to work
free .fla file download of
menus quickly and with the
component in flash mx
such long hours. imageWeaver
this game.
utmost in configuration
2004. It allows drag and
is a photogallery component
ability An external UI with
drop operations on folders
of a different kind. Have
a powerful help system is
and nodes, by setting
you previously used a
included to make your
dragRules. for example
gallery component? If so,
specific configuration needs
setting deny drag items, or
then are you sick of trying
smooth. This component took
deny drop into items, or
to get it to do what you
over a year to complete and
deny drag a folder...
want it to do? Then look no
we use it every day in our
ect. version 1.3.0 (21st
further. imageWeaver has a
own development projects. As
Dec 2004) - Added in
multitude of settings and
with everything we do, our
version 1.3.0 - costant:
options that you would be
goal was perfection to the
hard pressed to find in any
degree that time (the enemy)
drop between two nodes -
other component. With
functions: dragFunction,
well over 25 distinct
dropFunction for set user
functions imageWeaver is
defined rules
completly skinnable,
customisable, and
re-organisable. It even
features the begining stages
of an internal debugging
system that will allow you
to debug what is happening
and when. Not only that,
imageWeaver has a user
interface that will walk you
through the setup process
step by step. Each function
is fully documented and the
user interface evens tells
you what external files you
need with your current
setup. Below is a list of
functions and their
settings. You should be
aware that although the
component is fully
functioning, I am still
hunting for bugs both in the
component and in the user
interface. If you happen to
spot any drop me a line and
let me know, thanks. Also if
you like this component and
use it a lot, perhaps you
would grat me a wish on my
list at amazon (see the
interface for details).

Date: Jan, 20 2005

Date: Jan, 17 2005

Date: Jan, 16 2005

Date: Nov, 24 2004
With this component you can
This is a grand piano turning
Five amazing Flash preloaders
this is a 3D loop of a camera
set up a navigation bar in
with a simulated motion blur
compiled in a .mxp
turning 360 degrees. Also
seconds. -Buttons have
effect. Included in the fla
file. Auto installing
included is an autoportrait
got an alpha channel shadow,
download is a text tutorial
extension for Flash
snap just to show an added
so you can overlay pictures
on how to apply a motion
MX. Really out of the
effect - add your own
and textures. -You can
blur to this or any other
box: -Download the mxp
picture or effects. You can
modify the color of each
movie clip you might want to
file > -Install it
also use single elements in
button with a real time
> -Open the
your animation - you don't
preview. -You can load
Component Panel
have to use the whole loop.
either .html pages or .swf
> -Drag your
movies -Each button has a
favourite loadbar on to the
stage > -Publish...
animated state and a reverse
and you are done!
animation on
-Custom component
UI -Only 40 Kb

Date: Nov, 12 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2004

Date: Oct, 28 2004

Date: Oct, 18 2004
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