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Flash JPG Rotator

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Flash MP3 Player

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Flash FLV Player

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Powerful Flash Content
The Flash JPG Rotator enables
The Flash MP3 Player supports
This Flash FLV Player can be
Management made simple.
you to show a couple of
various playmodes, streaming
used standalone, without the
Build dynamic flash
photos or banners in
playback, playhead
need for Flash MX 2004. The
websites with ease, using
sequence, with fluid
scrubbing, xml playlists and
player allows you to show
Flashblocks Flash CMS. Drag
transitions between them.
an equalizer. An iPlayer
your videos more controlled
& drop blue "edit
This way you'll be able to
skin is yet available, and
and to a broader audience as
blocks" from your
bring a little life to a
creating your own skin is
with Quicktime, Windows
library onto the stage.
static html page and show
just a matter of changing
Media or Real Media. Updated
These blocks are filled with
multiple images without the
the symbols.
features are the showing of
dynamic content. Train
need to refresh a page. You
a placeholder jpg instead of
your clients to manage there
don't need Flash to use this
preloading the video, so
flash websites effortlessly.
tool, though the fla archive
bandwidth can be saved.
Flashblocks CMS requires
has been included. Version 2
Also, the width and height
literally no client
features lots of bugfixes, a
of the video can be set in
training. Flashblocks
new 'fluids' transition, and
CMS works on practically all
an optional navigation bar.
servers without alteration.
No Database is required.
Insert all kinds of
content: * Dynamically
cropped / resized images
* Rich Text / HTML *
External flash movies *
MP3 Player * Gallery
with auto thumbnail
generation and mp3 Player
Integration * Contact
Forms * Buy Now PayPal
Buttons * Dynamic
Lists * and much more
with fully customizable
modules. Simple for our
clients powerful for us!
* Flashblocks is
compatible with MX, MX2004,
MX2004pro, and Flash8. *
Flashblocks comes in ASP and
PHP versions.

Date: Nov, 04 2005

Date: Nov, 02 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2005
The XDate class extension was
Advanced Preloader, Loader.
Flash Text Editor is v2
This module allows you to
designed specifically to
Shows Bytes Loaded, Total
Macromedia Flash component
post a new picture each day
make Flash date-based
Bytes and Percentage
that allows runtime content
on your site for your
applications, such as
Complete, Looks Really
editing of any flash text
visitors. In the same time
calendars, much simpler. The
Professional! Easy to Use.
field. All the properties of
it works like a picture
class contains various
Comes with Instructions,
the flash text format object
methods for obtaining a wide
just in case!
can be applied to selected
array of date information.
text. <br/>List of the
The extension is very
features: <b>font
straight-forward and will
formatting</b>: bold,
make your life much easier
italic, underline, type,
for any date operations.
size, color text
formatting: alignment,
indentation, bullets list,
hyperlinking image, swf
insertion special character
insertion toggle
HTML dynamically attach to
text field flash player 6
compatible (without image
support) toolbar

Date: Oct, 23 2005

Date: Oct, 11 2005

Date: Sep, 14 2005

Date: Jun, 20 2005
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