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Gulfstream Helpdesk

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Gulfstream Helpdesk is a web
InstantReplies offers
Whether you are a small
SupportMagic is an on-demand
based customer support
cost-effective live support
business or a large company,
customer interaction
solution designed to suit
solutions for auctions or
you can dramatically
management solution that
businesses of all sizes-
websites to provide
increase sales and improve
enables companies to deliver
from one-person-shops to the
assistance and enhance
customer service using live
an exceptional customer
world’s largest
sales. Access your
support software. Your
experience. SupportMagic's
corporations. It provides
administrator panel from any
website will become an
multi-channel communications
organizations with the
computer to answer
interactive experience for
platform integrates live
ability to effectively
visitors’ queries
all of your visitors. Live
chat, email management
manage email flow, improving
instantaneously. Resolve
Support also allows you to
(ticketing), troubleshooter,
overall customer support and
customer concerns, initiate
watch visitors on your
satisfaction. In addition,
chats and boost sales,
website in real-time and
self-service/knowledgebas e
the software is created with
reduce support expenditures,
even invite them to speak
technology to manage online
the advanced knowledge base
in addition to monitoring
with your customer support
sales and customer support.
support, which facilitates
visitors and traffic
representatives. It is very
sharing of valuable
effortlessly. Simply
easy to get started and
expertise with customers and
copy-and-paste the provided
installation is as easy as
code to your website(s) and
inserting a line of
answer questions instantly!
JavaScript in to your web
pages. We have the most
feature rich free account in
the industry. Our solutions
are hosted and maintained on
our servers, which means
that you will always have
the most current and updated
version of our software.
Since our service is 100%
online, you will not have to
install any complex
programs, download any
software, or use any of your
website's valuable bandwidth.

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Date: Nov, 08 2006
Here is only some of the
ZaZaCHAT Live Help - first
Eduinfo InstaHelp is a free
HalFire.com is a FREE Live
features of this wonderful
FREE web/windows based Live
service that provides
Automated Help, Guide or
system: It is absolutely
Chat for Live Help and Live
webmasters with Live Website
Expert for your website.
free to sign up and use;
Support software offered to
Monitoring and Enables the
With Halfire.com you can
Unlimited websites, weblogs,
webmasters. It enables
visitoors to chat with the
provide interactive
eBay auction pages;
website operators to talk to
webmaster whenever he is
functionality for your
Unlimited departments, users
their web site visitors Live
online. This service is
visitors. Features include:
and operators; Unlimited
via real time text chat.
aimed at small websites
- Up and Running in 5
bandwidth and chat sessions;
Top feutures are as
whose webmasters work from
Minutes!! - 24/7 Automated
Webmaster to operators and
follows: 1. Provide Live
home. The service has two
Live Assistant for your
operators to operators chat;
Help to your site visitors
parts: 1. A small 5 line
visitors - Website specific
Webmaster and operators
via Online Chat 2. Convert
javascript code which must
Automated Live Experts -
visitors referring;
visitors to customers 3.
be embedded on each page of
Product Guides that help you
Unlimited canned responses;
Monitor your traffic in real
the website; 2. A small
increase your Market and
Fully customizable chat
time 4. Examine
operator software.
Profit - A Live Helper to
windows and icons; Unlimited
demographics of your
maximize your Affiliate
chat icons upload; Chat
visitors 5. Improve
Program Income - A fun
initiation with website
customer loyalty 6.
interactive Chat for your
visitors by webmaster and
Dramatically decrease your
Visitors - Totally Free -
operators; Powerful visitor
Customer Service
MAKE MONEY in the Halfire
tracking system; Chat
expenses 7. ZaZaCHAT is web
Market Place - Easy to
history; Unlimited IP
based, no installation
configure - New Features
address banning; Unlimited
required ZaZaCHAT is
added all the time -
custom questions; No
built by ZaZa Software using
Helpful Forum for Problem
Software Installation
ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX
Solving - Your own secure
Required; Dynamic chat icon
technology. ZaZaCHAT
Account The PHP module and
without refreshing the whole
Incorporates Knowledge Base,
stylesheet now allow more
page and making any sound;
Request a Call and Trouble
customisation for your site.
Downloadable visitor and
Ticket management System
operator activity report;
Multiple chats sessions;
User-friendly chat
monitoring page; Play sound
when receiving chat request;
Chat transcript downloading
or sending to email; Visitor
location and IP; Visitor
waiting list; Operator
activity monitoring and ...

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