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No Stop Popz

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Password Protection System

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Pop-Up Menu Creator

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Resolution Redirector

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No Stop Popz is an easy to
This is a PHP, Sessions and
This is a surprisingly simple
This script determines the
use, multi directional
MySQL based system to
script that creates pop-up
resolution of your webuser
sliding pop-up generator,
protect Your site from
menues from td's in tables.
and redirects that user to a
with No Stop Popz you are
unwanted visitors. It uses
This means that the
web that you determine based
able to create sliding
Javascript and MD5 to
javascript aspect is very
on their resolution.
pop-ups which can be made to
encript the password send
small, but you have to
do any number of things.
from the browser. A password
create your own menues
Features include: Make a
manager is included. The
following the example
sliding Pop-Up of any
system is special because of
format. Pretty easy to use,
size You can change the
the access method uses hash
and pretty cool. It's on the
colour of the title bar and
to send the password
top of all my site's pages.
background You can change
encripted to the server. The
the speed of the Pop-Up from
server sends only a cookie
really slow to super
containing a SessionID back
fast. You can choose from
to the client. All other
any number of directions,
information is stored in a
up, down, left, right etc.
sessionfile on the server.
etc. and change the exit
So, no authetification
direction so the Pop Up can
information but the session
enter the screen downward
id is send over Internet.
and then exit to the
Version 1.2 has an easer
right. You can choose the
way to protect the files You
length of time the Pop-Up
want to protect with a
stays on the screen. The
free downloadable version
only creates pop ups which
go down, but it will give
you a good idea. There is
also a demonstration page at
the website.

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Jan, 25 2006

Date: May, 11 2005

Date: Apr, 01 2004
This is simple JavaScript
This script when used will
Stop Watch has Start/Stop and
This simple java script works
Profiler that allows you to
make a popup with whatever
reset functions. Allows the
with any language. It's
profile object-oriented
file you want to be in it.
user to start a timer, stop
Front Page ready and you can
scripts within HTML/XHTML
the it while the timer
modify the marquee file and
continues to run, and reset
include it as an iFrame
to zero while running or
wherever you wish it to be
stopped. Ideal for timing
displayed. Why is it called
downloads, database queries,
Stoppable, because it come
analysis algorithms, or just
with a push button to make
about anything. Simply
it stop or keep scrolling.
copy the code between the
two markers and paste into
any html page: <!--
--> ... <!--

Date: May, 24 2004

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: May, 11 2004

Date: Oct, 26 2006
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