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Simple Popup Script

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Resolution Redirector

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Here is a OnMouseOver
This script allows users to
This script when used will
This script determines the
OnMouseOut Text or Image
use a TAB key in an HTML
make a popup with whatever
resolution of your webuser
Link script. I would have to
textarea. It works in
file you want to be in it.
and redirects that user to a
say, this one is the most
browsers such as MSIE 6,
web that you determine based
easiest to add to your plain
Mozilla, Netscape 7, Firebird
on their resolution.
images or image links and
text links.

Date: Apr, 25 2004

Date: Apr, 22 2004

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: Apr, 01 2004
No Stop Popz is an easy to
A simple JavaScript
The file type will be checked
Let your visitors see a
use, multi directional
calculator sometimes may
before uploading the file to
status bar and information
sliding pop-up generator,
have some unwanted reactions
the server from the client
as they wait for your images
with No Stop Popz you are
when its user press some
it self. if there is any
to preload into there
able to create sliding
buttons unexpected by the
suggestions or doubts about
browser cache. Tested on
pop-ups which can be made to
design. This calculator has
this script you can mail me.
MSIE6 and NS6 but should
do any number of things.
some better controls to
work on all versions of MSIE
Features include: Make a
avoid these unwanted
and Netscape - NOT Netscape
sliding Pop-Up of any
reactions to the unusual
2-4 (document.layers). This
size You can change the
button pressing. It works in
is the improved version of
colour of the title bar and
the way like a practical
"Image loading
background You can change
message". Easily
the speed of the Pop-Up from
customisable to work with
really slow to super
other scripts.
fast. You can choose from
any number of directions,
up, down, left, right etc.
etc. and change the exit
direction so the Pop Up can
enter the screen downward
and then exit to the
right. You can choose the
length of time the Pop-Up
stays on the screen. The
free downloadable version
only creates pop ups which
go down, but it will give
you a good idea. There is
also a demonstration page at
the website.

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Jan, 03 2004

Date: Dec, 31 2003

Date: Dec, 18 2003
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