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Simple JavaScript Profiler v. 0.1

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Simple Popup Script

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Stop Watch

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Javascript Popup Template

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This is simple JavaScript
This script when used will
Stop Watch has Start/Stop and
Popup template - function
Profiler that allows you to
make a popup with whatever
reset functions. Allows the
which creates popup windows
profile object-oriented
file you want to be in it.
user to start a timer, stop
and defines their
scripts within HTML/XHTML
the it while the timer
characteristics which you
continues to run, and reset
can paste into your
to zero while running or
javascript code and easily
stopped. Ideal for timing
downloads, database queries,
analysis algorithms, or just
about anything. Simply
copy the code between the
two markers and paste into
any html page: <!--
--> ... <!--

Date: May, 24 2004

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: May, 11 2004

Date: May, 27 2003
Let your visitors see a
This class provide a
Menu status clarified- HV
This script displays a
status bar and information
JAVASCRIPT interface to the
menu found on Dynamic Drive
message in the status bar
as they wait for your images
eBusiness Charts
may be used on both
when the page is right
to preload into there
generatation remote service.
commerical and non
clicked. Very easy to add
browser cache. Tested on
The class takes several
commerical sites. This
and edit in your body tags.
MSIE6 and NS6 but should
types of charts design and
applies EXCLUSIVELY to
work on all versions of MSIE
configuration parameters and
script found on Dynamic
and Netscape - NOT Netscape
outputs HTML that makes the
Drive, and not author's
2-4 (document.layers). This
charts appears on a local
site. Menu can be
is the improved version of
page embeding a chart image
vertically static Menu can
"Image loading
served remotely by the
be horizontal justified
message". Easily
eBCharts service.
Selected path can stay
customisable to work with
highlighted More control
other scripts.
over arrows. Fixed
relative positioning bug in

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Apr, 30 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Apr, 25 2004
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