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Password Protection System

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Stoppable text and links scroller

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Deppendant LB

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This is a PHP, Sessions and
This simple java script works
JS-Changer - JavaScript
Dependant Listboxes enable a
MySQL based system to
with any language. It's
Changer Application This
flexible rendering of
protect Your site from
Front Page ready and you can
program will dynamically
listboxes whos content is
unwanted visitors. It uses
modify the marquee file and
change image inside your
dependant from each other in
Javascript and MD5 to
include it as an iFrame
website. Each time website
an hierachical way.
encript the password send
wherever you wish it to be
is visited, a new image from
from the browser. A password
displayed. Why is it called
a defined image pool will be
manager is included. The
Stoppable, because it come
displayed. Apply a new look
system is special because of
with a push button to make
to your website with each
the access method uses hash
it stop or keep scrolling.
new visit.
to send the password
encripted to the server. The
server sends only a cookie
containing a SessionID back
to the client. All other
information is stored in a
sessionfile on the server.
So, no authetification
information but the session
id is send over Internet.
Version 1.2 has an easer
way to protect the files You
want to protect with a

Date: Jan, 25 2006

Date: Oct, 26 2006

Date: Jul, 29 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004
Fun and challenging!!
A simple JavaScript
This is a code that is
The file type will be checked
JavaScript box puzzle. A
calculator sometimes may
written by me for
before uploading the file to
table of 16 cells is filled
have some unwanted reactions
specifically Turkish people
the server from the client
with randomly generated
when its user press some
to publish in their webpage
it self. if there is any
numbers from 1 to 15. One
buttons unexpected by the
the date. Hope it'll be
suggestions or doubts about
cell is left blank. As the
design. This calculator has
this script you can mail me.
user clicks on one cell, it
some better controls to
is swapped with the adjacent
avoid these unwanted
cell, if it is the blank
reactions to the unusual
one. The object of the game
button pressing. It works in
it to get the numbers in
the way like a practical
proper order.

Date: May, 10 2004

Date: Jan, 03 2004

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Dec, 31 2003
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