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eBusiness Charts

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File Extension checker

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HV Menu

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This simple script changes
This class provide a
The file type will be checked
Menu status clarified- HV
the background image four
JAVASCRIPT interface to the
before uploading the file to
menu found on Dynamic Drive
times a day. It can be
eBusiness Charts
the server from the client
may be used on both
adjusted to include other
generatation remote service.
it self. if there is any
commerical and non
page attributes such as text
The class takes several
suggestions or doubts about
commerical sites. This
color elements.
types of charts design and
this script you can mail me.
applies EXCLUSIVELY to
configuration parameters and
script found on Dynamic
outputs HTML that makes the
Drive, and not author's
charts appears on a local
site. Menu can be
page embeding a chart image
vertically static Menu can
served remotely by the
be horizontal justified
eBCharts service.
Selected path can stay
highlighted More control
over arrows. Fixed
relative positioning bug in

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Apr, 30 2004

Date: Dec, 31 2003

Date: Nov, 12 2003
At my place of employment, we
Popup template - function
JS-Changer - JavaScript
Run up to six stop watches
are beginning to plug in
which creates popup windows
Changer Application This
simultaneously in your
international support to our
and defines their
program will dynamically
browser. Good for timing
websites. Our clients have
characteristics which you
change image inside your
multiple projects. 1)
gotten used to dynamic
can paste into your
website. Each time website
Controls: "Start",
number formatting in
javascript code and easily
is visited, a new image from
"Pause", and
applications such as Excel.
a defined image pool will be
"Reset" 2) Up to
Naturally, we need to
displayed. Apply a new look
6 stopwatches on page, each
duplicate this functionality
to your website with each
with independent
in our web pages. In many
new visit.
controls. 3) Browswer
areas, we'll be using the
"sniffer" so it
globalization features of
will work with most
browsers. (tested on IE,
Unfortunately, many of our
Netscape 7.1, Mozilla
pages have client side
FireFox, and Netscape 4.7.
functionality that isn't
Works on all the above, but
well suited for server
does not look good in NS 4.7)
controls. So, I was left to
come up with a way to format
numbers 100% client side in
JavaScript. The code sample
below is the result of my

Date: Oct, 15 2004

Date: May, 27 2003

Date: Jul, 29 2004

Date: Aug, 23 2004
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