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Core JavaScript Reference 1.5

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DOM Reference

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If you need JavaScript
The DOM (Document Object
The site for web developers,
Detailed JavaScript Operator
Reference 1.5 and want it
Model) gives you generic
especially those who need
Precedence and Associativity
easy to use every day try
access to most elements,
full cross reference of HTML
this chm version, easy to
their styles and attributes
elements, attributes and CSS
access contents, index and
in a document. This is a
style sheet attributes.
full text search (original
no-nonsense, easy to follow
The reference of this site
html version by Netscape).
DOM reference for JavaScript.
is fundamentally based on
W3C HTML4.01 and CSS2
specification, mostly the
appendices at the end of the

Date: Aug, 24 2006

Date: Mar, 08 2006

Date: Feb, 15 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2004
This page shows on how to
Comprehensive listing of
Free interactive reference,
Learn the basics of
refer to a .rdf file to get
JavaScript objects,
covering the usage of
JavaScript with this
the search engine describe
properties, and methods.
multimedia filters and
interactive tutorial.
your resource.
Also includes explanations
transitions of the Cascading
and examples.
Style Sheets. Each filter is
presented in complete
details, features direct
copy-and-paste source code
and the transitions come
with example script. CSS
includes also links to CSS
resource sites and cool and
easy to use interface. Due
to the nature of these
filters and transitions they
(as well as the reference
itself) work with Microsoft
Internet Explorer only.
Preferably version 5.5 or

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