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Cross-browser BlendTrans Filter

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You've probably seen it
At my place of employment, we
This script automatically
This script allows users to
somewhere, a cool looking
are beginning to plug in
replaces all checkboxes with
use a TAB key in an HTML
fade in/out effect. It is
international support to our
your own cool checkbox-image
textarea. It works in
done with some JavaScript
websites. Our clients have
without the need to change
browsers such as MSIE 6,
and the filter CSS attribute
gotten used to dynamic
any HTML. Your forms will
Mozilla, Netscape 7, Firebird
which only works in the
number formatting in
keep working exactly like
latest versions of
applications such as Excel.
they did before.
MSIE. But what if you
Naturally, we need to
want some more control? Or
duplicate this functionality
want to make it work in
in our web pages. In many
Mozilla? This script will do
areas, we'll be using the
just that, if you want to,
globalization features of
you can modify it to do even
Unfortunately, many of our
pages have client side
functionality that isn't
well suited for server
controls. So, I was left to
come up with a way to format
numbers 100% client side in
JavaScript. The code sample
below is the result of my

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Oct, 15 2004

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Apr, 22 2004
Run up to six stop watches
This simple script changes
Just created the most
This is a surprisingly simple
simultaneously in your
the background image four
wonderful XML/XSL website,
script that creates pop-up
browser. Good for timing
times a day. It can be
but people complain that it
menues from td's in tables.
multiple projects. 1)
adjusted to include other
doesn't work, simply because
This means that the
Controls: "Start",
page attributes such as text
their browser is outdated?
javascript aspect is very
"Pause", and
color elements.
This script check if
small, but you have to
"Reset" 2) Up to
client-side XML/XSL
create your own menues
6 stopwatches on page, each
transformations are
following the example
with independent
supported and allow you to
format. Pretty easy to use,
controls. 3) Browswer
specifiy an action after
and pretty cool. It's on the
"sniffer" so it
that, tell them to upgrade,
top of all my site's pages.
will work with most
or just send them to another
browsers. (tested on IE,
Netscape 7.1, Mozilla
FireFox, and Netscape 4.7.
Works on all the above, but
does not look good in NS 4.7)

Date: Aug, 23 2004

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: May, 11 2005
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