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Faster apps on a better machine

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If you want to build and run
GUIs are generally designed
If you've ever wanted to
This is a series of tutorials
faster Java applications on
with a model-view-controller
build your own supercomputer
that show you how to create
the IBM Developer Kit for
architecture in which the
but have been held back by
an object-orientated
Linux, version 1.3, roll up
view is decoupled from the
the demands of parallel
adventure gaming system.
your sleeves and prepare to
model. The separation
programming in C, Pseudo
get dirty. This article
presents a challenge to
Remote Threads is for you.
provides hands-on
automated testing because
This prize-winning Java
instruction for profiling,
it's difficult to verify
programming model greatly
monitoring, and performance
that a state change in the
simplifies parallel
tuning not only your IBM
model is reflected
programming on clusters,
Developer Kit, but your
appropriately in the view --
bringing supercomputing out
hardware capacity, the Linux
it spawns the infamous
of the laboratory and into
2.2.x kernel, and your Java
"Liar View." This
the hands of everyday Java
installment of Diagnosing
programmers. Article
Java Code examines the Liar
includes code snipets.
View bug pattern.

Date: May, 23 2001

Date: Apr, 23 2001

Date: Apr, 12 2001

Date: Sep, 21 1999
JRuby combines the
object-oriented strength of
Smalltalk, the
expressiveness of Perl, and
the flexibility of the Java
class libraries into a
single, efficient rapid
development framework for
the Java platform. In this
third installment in the
alt.lang.jre series, Michael
Squillace and Barry
Feigenbaum introduce JRuby,
a sophisticated addition to
your Java development

Date: Nov, 30 -1
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