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Solution Enabler

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JAR Class Finder

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Jikes Bytecode Toolkit

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Application Tools for
Solution Enabler is a
JAR Class Finder is a
Jikes Bytecode Toolkit is a
Extension Services consist
framework for creating and
WSAD/Eclipse plug-in utility
100% Java class library that
of WebSphereŽ Studio-based
deploying solutions locally
for finding JAR files
enables Java programs to
tools that support the
or to remote machines with
containing a given class for
create, read, and write
development of Web
different operating systems.
the Java build path of a
binary Java class files and
applications targeted for
The framework helps to
project and for helping to
to query and update a
the Extension Services for
simplify the creation and
fix NoClassDefFound
single, high-level
WebSphere Everyplace (ESWE)
deployment of software
exceptions. This utility
representation of the
platform. These tools are
solutions by capturing
helps users to quickly and
collection of them,
based on the existing
detailed knowledge of a
easily resolve
including relationships
WebSphere Studio J2EE
solution package deployed
ClassDefNotFound exceptions,
among them. These features
development tools and they
through a common installer.
which commonly occur during
allow the development of
are part of an emerging
run time. It can also be
tools that report on what
suite of tools for the ESWE
used to avoid getting such
APIs the classes use,
errors if used before run
reorder and change
instructions, merge or
extend classes, add
customized instrumentation
(similar to profilers),
analyze control and data
flow, etc.

Date: Aug, 13 2003

Date: Aug, 06 2003

Date: Aug, 06 2003

Date: Aug, 06 2003
JSR-109 facilitates the
Web Services for DB2 Cube
Data Wizard for Java is a
JSP technology is well-known,
building of interoperable
Views provide access to
tool for building a simple
supported by most
Web services in the Java 2
multidimensional data stored
graphical user interface
application servers, and
Platform, Enterprise Edition
in DB2. These Web services
(GUI) that makes it easy to
endorsed by the J2EE
(J2EE) environment. It
allow a client application
collect necessary data. This
Blueprints. Why would you
standardizes the deployment
to read data from the cubes
tool enables the building of
choose otherwise? In this
of Web services in a J2EE
and perform basic online
data wizard applications
first of a two-part series,
container. This article
analysis on multidimensional
using only a scripting
learn about the Tea template
discusses the server and
data and metadata through
scenario in an XML format.
language and how Tea can be
client programming models
the Web, using XPath and XML.
Data Wizard for Java can
a viable alternative to JSP
defined by JSR-109 and
help to produce a GUI by
provides code examples.
using a simple script to
describe the necessary input
parameters and the required
tools or utilities to be

Date: Aug, 05 2003

Date: Jul, 08 2003

Date: Jul, 08 2003

Date: Aug, 22 2002
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