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The On Demand Operating
Learn how to create
The Reference Monitor's
Privacy monitoring technology
Environment is based upon
digital-certificate chains
purpose is to simplify the
in information technology
the concepts of Service
to test your software. IBM
task of developing new
systems is now necessary in
Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Software Engineer, Paul H.
privacy monitors, which are
order to ensure compliance
SOA views every application
Abbott, clarifies this
integration points between
with stated privacy
or resource as a service
seldom-documented process by
an application and the
policies, especially in the
implementing a specific,
showing you how to use the
Privacy Manager server. IBM
customer information
identifiable set of
freely available OpenSSL
Tivoli Privacy Manager
management systems in
(business) functions. In
toolkit to create a
provides a way for
enterprises such as Customer
addition to the business
certificate chain of any
businesses to meet various
Relationship Management
functions, services in an on
length. He also describes
privacy regulations. It
(CRM). Privacy policies
demand environment might
common certificate
incorporates a privacy
allow organizations to
also implement management
attributes and shows you
management middleware system
control the use of
interfaces to participate in
some sample Java code for
that applies privacy rules
personally identifiable
the broader configuration,
reading the certificates you
to existing applications
information (PII) according
operation, and monitoring of
create into a Java keystore.
while minimizing the impact
to individual choices. The
the environment. This
to the environment.
IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager
article provides an
(TPM) provides server
introduction to the On
support for creating,
Demand Operating Environment.
deploying, and administering
privacy policies as well as
for checking conformance to
policies and for logging
auditable data on data
accesses. However,
applications using TPM must
use an agent that is able to
intercept each access of PII
and interact with a TPM
server for auditing and
enforcement. This is the
function of a privacy

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Date: May, 27 2004
The IBM developerWorks Live!
SA4J is a technology that
Tutorial and sample codes to
Not only is logging an
Technical Briefings, which
analyzes structural
calculate the distance
important element in
were a great success
dependencies of Java
between two locations. Free
development and testing
worldwide in 2003, have been
applications in order to
sample source codes in PHP,
cycles -- providing crucial
expanded for 2004. The
measure their stability. It
ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#,
debugging information -- it
following five types of
detects structural
Java, Perl, Visual Basic and
is also useful for detecting
technical briefings, which
Javascript. Longitude and
bugs once a system has been
include presentations and
(suspicious design elements)
latitude for United States
deployed in a production
extensive demonstrations,
and provides dependency web
ZIP Code and Canadian Postal
environment, providing
will be held in cities
browsing for detailed
Code are available in
precise context information
around the world in 2004 (at
exploration of anti-patterns
database subscription.
to fix them. In this
no cost to you): e-business
in the dependency web. SA4J
article, Ruth Zamorano and
on demand, IBM Software
also enables "what
Rafael Luque, cofounders of
Development Platform,
if" analysis in order
Orange Soft, a Spain-based
Speed-start Linux
to assess the impact of
software company
applications, Speed-start
change on the functionality
specializing in
Web services, Globalizing
of the application; and it
your applications.
offers guidelines for
technologies, server-side
package re-factoring.
Java platform, and Web
content accessibility,
explain how to use the
extension ability of log4j
to enable your distributed
Java applications to be
monitored by instant
messaging (IM).

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