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Future of Java Technology

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Capitalization of English Names

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With emergence of Java 5, a
When Java was developed
There are names in the
Demonstration of Linked list
set of new features is
initially as OAK even its
English language like Sam
in java. Very simple and
included in Java technology.
developers were not sure in
O'Neil, Jenny McCarthy,
well commented java code for
Many programmers working on
which direction the
Beverly d'Angelo, Leonardo
the beginners. Linked list
Java technology were excited
technology will grow. And
di Caprio, Don Alejandro de
of points are used to create
before its release about its
actually Java has taken an
la Vega, Wernher von Braun,
a Polyline and display it....
new features. In this
unexpected turn around as a
etc. that give us trouble
article, new features of
development technology. It
when we try to properly
Java 5 are summarized which
started its journey with
capitalize them in software
are important from
embedded applications but
applications. I provide a
programmerís point of view.
people found it somewhat
customizable and extendable
slow when compare to C++.
solution to this problem. I
Java made foray into web in
had looked through many
the form of applets and
documents on the net
ruled the world for
concerning capitalization in
sometime. But then came
English and also spoke to
enterprise era with crusade
some people that are
of .NET and J2EE. In this
supposed to know things like
article let us examine
this. Then I've written some
possible directions where
code that puts all this
there are chances Java will
theory into Java.
grow as development

Date: Jun, 04 2006

Date: Jun, 04 2006

Date: May, 26 2006

Date: Feb, 05 2006
Demonstration of the
The uCertify Exam Simulation
Web apps developed with the
The latest release of IBM
try-catch-finally exception
is a comprehensive tool for
thin client computing model
WebSphere Studio and the
handling mechanism
success in the SCJP
exhibit performance gaps and
Portal Toolkit plug-in
(310-035) certification
user interface limitations.
provide new features for
exam. It contains 4
As an alternative, the IBM
developing front-end
full-length realistic
FacesClient Components
applications using Java
practice tests comprising
(formerly called the Odyssey
Server Faces. These features
435 questions with detailed
Browser Framework) provides
enable developers to quickly
analysis and explanations
a more effective model for
and easily use visual
for each answer. The
developing Web apps.
Simulation is developed
FacesClient Components work
development tools and
after rigorous research and
inside a portlet programming
provide a rich set of
innovation by a panel of
environment to deliver
interesting user interface
highly experienced and
exceptional value in the
components not easily
certified authors, to equip
form of richer user
created or maintained in the
the aspirants with the
interfaces and improved
past. This tutorial
latest and most accurate
demonstrates how a framework
study material for the SCJP
as flexible as Java Server
certifications. It also
Faces and the tools provided
offers Adaptive and
by both WebSphere Studio and
customized testing,
the Portal Toolkit make
Diagnostic test and detailed
short order of integrating,
performance reviews. Value
testing and maintaining a
added features such as Test
portal-based front end.
preparation tips and test
information, Technical
articles and Fully
illustrated How TosÖ
eliminate the need for any
other preparation aid.

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