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Antipatterns In Java Programs

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JRuby combines the
Neural nets may be the future
An antipattern can be defined
Privacy monitoring technology
object-oriented strength of
of computing. A good way to
as a bad design in the Java
in information technology
Smalltalk, the
understand them is with a
language. Antipatterns will
systems is now necessary in
expressiveness of Perl, and
puzzle that neural nets can
bring forth bad answers in a
order to ensure compliance
the flexibility of the Java
be used to solve. Suppose
way that is easy for some
with stated privacy
class libraries into a
that you are given 500
people to understand. If you
policies, especially in the
single, efficient rapid
characters of code that you
are programming with Java,
customer information
development framework for
know to be C, C++, Java, or
it is important to
management systems in
the Java platform. In this
Python. Now, construct a
understand both antipatterns
enterprises such as Customer
third installment in the
program that identifies the
and patterns. When you work
Relationship Management
alt.lang.jre series, Michael
code's language. One
with software programs, they
(CRM). Privacy policies
Squillace and Barry
solution is to construct a
will need to be maintained.
allow organizations to
Feigenbaum introduce JRuby,
neural net that learns to
control the use of
a sophisticated addition to
identify these languages.
personally identifiable
your Java development
This article discusses the
information (PII) according
basic features of neural
to individual choices. The
nets and approaches to
IBM Tivoli Privacy Manager
constructing them so you can
(TPM) provides server
apply them in your own
support for creating,
deploying, and administering
privacy policies as well as
for checking conformance to
policies and for logging
auditable data on data
accesses. However,
applications using TPM must
use an agent that is able to
intercept each access of PII
and interact with a TPM
server for auditing and
enforcement. This is the
function of a privacy

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Date: Jul, 12 2001

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Date: May, 27 2004
Application Tools for
The Java 2 Platform, Micro
JSR-109 facilitates the
If you've ever wanted to
Extension Services consist
Edition (J2ME) offers great
building of interoperable
build your own supercomputer
of WebSphereŽ Studio-based
tools for developers,
Web services in the Java 2
but have been held back by
tools that support the
porting the Java platform's
Platform, Enterprise Edition
the demands of parallel
development of Web
network-centric and
(J2EE) environment. It
programming in C, Pseudo
applications targeted for
platform-agnostic worldview
standardizes the deployment
Remote Threads is for you.
the Extension Services for
down to memory- and
of Web services in a J2EE
This prize-winning Java
WebSphere Everyplace (ESWE)
processor-limited devices.
container. This article
programming model greatly
platform. These tools are
This article explains the
discusses the server and
simplifies parallel
based on the existing
basics of the J2ME world,
client programming models
programming on clusters,
WebSphere Studio J2EE
showing you the building
defined by JSR-109 and
bringing supercomputing out
development tools and they
blocks of the platform and
provides code examples.
of the laboratory and into
are part of an emerging
demonstrating a sample
the hands of everyday Java
suite of tools for the ESWE
programmers. Article
includes code snipets.

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