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Palm products are very
Demonstration of Linked list
As you work with J2EE, you
If you have been working with
popular mobile communication
in java. Very simple and
will find that there are a
C++ programs for longer than
tools which have a large
well commented java code for
large number of programs
five years, you should be
number of properties.
the beginners. Linked list
which have been designed to
well aware of the
Because of the properties
of points are used to create
make it easier to work with.
difficulties involved with
that these devices have,
a Polyline and display it....
If you are a programmer, the
debugging software. However,
they have been combined with
last thing you should want
many younger programmers
programs such as Java.
to concern yourself with is
don't have experience with
basic low level programming
these issues because Java
deals with memory problems
by using what is called the
garbage collector. Whenever
a new object is created in
Java, the Java Virtual
Machine will reserve memory
for it, and if the object
reference disappears, the
memory will be reclaimed.

Date: Jul, 17 2006

Date: Feb, 05 2006

Date: Jul, 17 2006

Date: Jul, 19 2006
A database which is embedded
The much awaited Java 5 has
There is source code of
Demonstration of the
in a Java application can be
been launched in recent past
simple class AePlayWave in
try-catch-finally exception
an excellent idea which has
by Sun. People who are in IT
this article, which can play
handling mechanism
a lot of potential. It is
or related to IT industry
WAV(AUFF, SND, AU might also
currently possible to use it
were interested about its
be supported) sound files
for a client portable
consequences on many
asynchronously (in a
database in both browser and
factors. People who are
separate thread, without
desktop programs.
developing applications
interruption of main
using Java as a developing
program). It is possible to
technology were more
use it in console or GUI
interested in new language
Java programs for playing
features and other
user notification sounds.
technological enhancements.
There is also trivial
But others for whom it is
RSS-feed checker, which
important to manage such
plays various sounds on
process from higher level
rss-feed update.
were more interested in
things that are going to
change with Java 5. In this
article we are going to
discuss enhancements in Java
5 over prior versions that
are important from
managementís point of view.

Date: Jul, 17 2006

Date: Jun, 04 2006

Date: Nov, 06 2006

Date: Jan, 04 2006
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