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A complete information site
Automate the management of
Do you deliver ASP websites
ASaP! is a tool that helps
with portal reviews,
your web site links area and
to customers and do you want
you get your database up on
business tips for portals,
build more site
to simplify the software
the Web quickly and easily.
technical information and
traffic: <br>*
delivery process in case of
Features: Search, Modify,
much more
partners enter their link
Add, and Delete Online
info <br>* automatic
upgrades? AutoUpgrade 1.0
Records; SQL, MySQL, Access
email notification of the
is an ASP script that you
Databases supported;
request <br>* you
can implement in your
Generates ASP or PHP code;
review/approve right from
existing ASP environment.
DropDown Lists; Relational
the email <br>* link
The script detects if there
Capabilities; Password
placed on your site
is a new program version on
Protection; Image &amp;
automatically <br>*
any internet server. If yes,
Hyperlink Support; *** New
partner email notified link
the web site user is
HTML area feature allows you
is live <br>* send
prompted whether he likes to
to add or edit fields using
partner optional links to
receive the new program
user friendly HTML tags
banners <br>* manage
version. After user
(content manager) ***,
link data at any time
confirmation, the script
Simply connect to your
<br>*** You get all
(upgrade.asp) automatically
database through the
the source code and can
updates the existing web
program, design the data
easily install and customize
site, by transferring the
pages and FTP to your site
it to fit your particular
remote sources to the local
within the program.
installation. The script
allows you to migrate
databases as well.

Date: May, 03 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Apr, 17 2005

Date: Apr, 16 2005
Often used as a dealer
Fully featured unlimited
Terrasoft CRM is
Free Comprehensive Portal
locator, Allowing web site
pages web site, backoffice,
world-leading small business
Application ASPPortal's
visitors to enter a zip
newsletter mailer, document
CRM software having
portal application comes
code, choose a radius and
management system, member
thousands of users all over
with a range of include
find all of your business's
registration system in one
the world. Terrasoft CRM
modules to make you portal
locations that fall within
package. MSAccess, MSSQL
is easy-to-use and contains
ready to use without much
the radius. Sample ASP pages
ready. A starting platform
all the ultimate CRM
effort. It includes news,
included, can be modified.
for developers. Easy for the
functions for sales,
chat, forums, links and a
Includes sample complete zip
non-technical. Source code
marketing and service.
host of other standard
code database. Also an
included. Many key features
Besides, Terrasoft CRM
integral part of IVR
included. Easy to install,
provides functionality for
functionality. With a
systems, call centers,
no DLLs. Pure ASP. Free
time, project, email and
complete user management
marketing applications, and
basic version available for
documents management and can
system for authentication
mail merge applications.
be easily integrated with
the portal application is
30-day trial version
financial software.
literally an out the box
included in download.
solution that is ready to
use after some
personalisation. In
addition all source is
included, allowing you to
enhance and modify the
portal to suit your needs.

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Mar, 17 2005

Date: Mar, 09 2005
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