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Convert CFM to ASP

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ASP Editors

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This easy to use e-commerce
CFM2ASP converts the most
ASP Editors brings an
Complete Catalog website for
tool lets you build your
common CFM tags, functions
extensive list of Editors
new or used car,
custom tracking tool right
and variable references into
and other development tools
motorcycles, boats, RV
online. No programming
ASP quickly and easily. The
for ASP. All ASP software
dealerships, and
experience required. NO
Code editor includes context
is fully reviewed and
more! Flexible enough to
third party components.
sensitive help on all CFM
allowed programmers to add
fit ANY industry. Create
Tracks up to 10 packages at
and ASP code, line numbers,
their own review.
and manage listings at your
once. Customize
syntax coloring, and more.
convenience, PLUS ...
colors,fonts,layout, and
Create your own
what Real-Time information
Categories Create your own
is displayed. Plus get
Options Create your own
dynamic links in your
Makes ... and much more!
tracking results that link
to MapQuest and give you an
actual geographic picture of
where your package is or has

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Date: Jan, 23 2005
EmailTracker allows you to
If you are looking for a
easicms is a comprehensive
WebMail allows you to check
create email campaigns and
sophisticated, yet user
web site content management
your emails from anywhere,
track how many of the emails
friendly ecommerce system,
solution. Enabling you to
anytime, only with a
have been read, links
Magicway Shopping Cart is
manage your web pages,
standard Web browser and
clicked, and users
for you. Our storefront
users, templates,
Internet connection. It uses
unsubscribed. All can be
software integrates...
statistics, stylesheets,
the latest IMAP4 technology
done within minutes.
forums, forms, languages,
that allows you to check
EmailTracker automatically
navigation and much more
your emails and manage
generates reports, graphs,
from just using a web
mailboxes directly from the
and click-through
browser. With built in
mail server without having
percentages for you.
workflow, expired content,
the need to download to your
comprehensive TAG generation
local computer.
and advanced search
capabilities. Designed for
all business levels this
system is ideal for clubs,
small to large business
enterprises and even the
individual who wants to make
looking after their website
easy, choose easicms.

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