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123ShopPro is a highly
This PHP script provides a
Content Management System
Dynamic-CD provides the
customizable yet easily
very easy way to embed
designed specially for
services you'd expect from
configurable e-commerce
dynamically generated
newspapers, magazines,
an Internet server - except
shopping cart software
vertical bar graphs and
communities and articles
it's on a CD. Until now CDs
solution for your small to
charts into PHP applications
sites. NewsPort creates
could only display static
large sized business. It has
and HTML web pages. The
feature-rich web sites that
HTML Pages. Dynamic-CD
constantly updating feature
graphing software is very
empower end-users without
allows your CD to display
list resultant of our online
easy to use and it's
knowledge of html to control
dynamic content, just like
business trends analysis.
perfectly possible to add
their content. Features
an Internet server.
Make the smart move with our
professional quality real
flexible templates, WYSIWYG
Dynamic-CD allows you to
product and relax!
time graphing to web pages
editor, content scheduling,
produce CD's with processing
123Shop Pro shopping cart
and applications within
dynamic menus, image server,
power, adding an Internet
software supports companies
minutes. With a free trial
Banner ads, Classified,
server that runs straight
in exploiting Internet
and Money Back Guarantee,
Events, Polls, News ticker
from the CD. Put a database
commerce to the best of
try it out today.
and many more
on your CD and generate HTML
their ability. Its web based
pages in real time. Catch
administration allows you to
and process Form and Query
manage your business with
data with Dynamic-CD's
just a computer connected to
scripting language. Protect
internet. Take a Demo and
sections of your CD with
experience for yourself.
Dynamic-CD's encryption and
123ShopPro shopping cart
password protection. For
software has setup wizards
example : Store a catalog of
to configure your store in a
products on the CD and
matter of minutes. With this
process search queries.
product it's easy to
Users can select products,
seamlessly integrate your
generate an order and email
store pages with the rest of
the order to you. For
your Web site. It can be
example : Password protect
endlessly customized to mesh
sections of the CD, allowing
with the look and feel of
access only to those who
any preexisting web site.
have paid a license fee. For
Read a full set of Features
example : Download your ASP
to see how it fits your
website to a CD and take it
needs. 123ShopPro
on the road. Sales staff can
shopping cart software is
show off your company
one of the most
website without the problems
cost-effective e-commerce
of Internet access and
solutions to hit the market
connection delays.
in recent years. It
consistently diminishes your
overhead costs and hence
maximizing profits. Our
shopping cart prices are
simple and fair. Check our
Price List to feel the

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Date: Jul, 02 2005
Burton Networks Message Board
We have the system for Your
SLAVACOM Dynamic Webmaster is
ALP is an environment which
has fully-threaded message
company. Some of the
a powerful database-driven,
implements popular WEB
display by forum, year,
features in JobTracker: •
fully automated content
application development
month, day, and text.
Timelog / Timesheet - hour
management system, Site
techniques for desktop and
Additional features include
follow-up • Access from
Management System SMS and
stand alone programming. The
a Spam filtering mechanism,
mobile phone
Learning Management System
major technologies supported
unlimited emoticon support,
(timesheet/drivers log) •
LMS, an interaction
natively are ASP and CGI
easy-to-use administration,
Registration of material
management solution and an
(through CGI - PHP, Perl and
and well-commented code.
used on assignment. •
open, extensible web
many others). ALP needs no
Entirely customizable,
Document management •
development framework.
network, nor any parts of
excellent for blogging,
Direct Invoice
Automate the contribution,
any server software. It
built for the busiest boards.
Documentation • Full
editing and management of
allows independent
work-log • Project
content using a web browser
applications to be developed
marking • Status management
and put the power to publish
and distributed in various
and Claim management •
in the hands of your content
ways - installations,
Drivers log and travel
authors. Suitable for highly
autoruns and so on. Also it
expense report • Comments
dynamic and personalized
ships with an mini-installer
either for internal and/or
Internet, intranet and
program you can use for your
external usage •
extranet websites. The
applications, ALPFrame
Possibility for special
SLAVACOM Software redefines
viewer WEB browser that
modules. (Emission of
web content management,
extends the typical IE DHTML
certificates / test reports
making it an activity open
and also allows ALP engine
etc.) • Auto-email to
to everybody, everyday,
and its run-time libraries
customer (Customer is able
anywhere. The SLAVACOM CMS
run on-the-fly from autorun
to view the work-log
meets the full spectrum of
CD-s. Rich run-time library
gradually) • Tips&Trix
needs for web developers, IT
is supplied which has
database • Always Online •
managers, and business
powerful replacements of
No installation • Custom
FSO, Dictionary objects,
Reports of your wishes •
users to manage and publish
independent SQL database
Much better overview ! Good
to the web easily within a
engine, NEtworking
overview is important! We
centrally controlled,
components and allows even
have developed this system
such untypical for ASP
to make the follow-up around
environment. The visual
applications features like:
projects / hourly work more
editing features in SLAVACOM
running background threads,
efficient than you thought
Dynamic Webmaster let you
manage huge structured data,
was possible. - An
quickly build dynamic
access files on any level
assignment is started with a
database-backed web site
(text, binary, as records -
given start date and a
without writing a line of
DB-like), obtain various
responsible person. - If
code. SLAVACOM Dynamic
system information and many
this person is not you,
Webmaster helps to keep the
others. All the
he/she gets an email with
content of your site up to
components together form an
details about the
date and makes the
environment familiar for the
project/assignment. -
maintaintenance of your
existing WEB developers and
Employees can work with this
content an easy and
also provides high level of
assignment, using timesheet
time-saving process. Because
compatibility with IIS. In
/ comments / documents
SLAVACOM Dynamic Webmaster
almost all the cases this
etc. - If chosen, an
works like a word processor,
allows the developers build
auto-email will be sent to
the user experience is
applications that run on
the customer when someone
intuitive and familiar. The
stand alone machines and
works on the assignment. -
CMS control panel includes
Microsoft IIS without or
Change the status on the
many features such as:
with minimal changes.
assignment as it goes. -
ALP 1.2 adds more to the
When the work is done it’s
users/administrators, Banner
internal run-time library -
easy to print a invoice
/ Sponsor feature, multiple
including indendent database
documentation that shows all
categories, sub-categories,
engine, networking
the work/travel/material in
unlimited site tree, site
components, string
details. - On your invoice
map, file download,
formatting utilities and
you just print one single
interactive On-line Form and
more. The new security
line and attach the invoice
feedback, Gallery, Photo
features do much more than
documentation. It’s as
Album, image manager, image
just give the developers
simple as that !
and file upload interface,
ability to align their
META Tags editor, text
applications with XP SP2.
editor, database of
They give real means of
registered users or members,
making their applications
directory, mailing list,
inpenetrable at the cost of
publishing of information /
a few configuration
content, events, journal of
settings, without need to
news articles, poll / survey
implement anything in their
editor, Statistic / Traffic
code. The ideas may be
Analysis and Reports, page
inspired from the XP SP2 but
log, CSS Style Studio, site
their implementations work
appearance editor with 5
even on Windows 95!
pre-developed styles,
themes, Universal WYSIWYG
Text Editor, Search,
Register, easy installation
and many more.

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