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ASP Express allows you the
Start your own Dating site is
Solve your problem using
ScriptaSite is a unique new
extreme flexibility of an
easier than ever. With
Microsoft Excel, and let
web application that
HTML text editor, while
DatingSite Creator, you get
combines the power of
giving you the automation of
all the tools you need to
generate an ASP or
scripting with the
a great ASP and ASP.Net text
start your own dating
ASP.NET-page. The ASP-page
flexibility of CSS. It
editor. Key features
website. It has all the
looks like and calculates
provides a working template
include: Open your files
important features that
like the spreadsheet. No
to help you get your web
directly from your web site
other major matchmaking
programming required. Easy
site up and running in only
with built in FTP services,
sites have for you to be
updating, fix spreadsheet
minutes and then puts you in
Treeview of ASP.Net, ASP,
competitive. The main
and generate. Supports 190
control of your own design
HTML, Javascript, PHP,
reasons DatingSite Creater
and content. Best of all, it
VBScript functions,
is preferred by so many
Code-behind in C# and VB.NET
gives you the ability to
commands, tags and
customers, it's because it's
for backend-integration. Use
update it anytime from any
Assistants within the
easy to use and everything
it for expense reports,
Internet connection with
Express Toolbox, Express
can be managed via web-based
surveys, order forms,
only a few clicks and no
Menus allow you to handle
control panel. Now with our
financial advisor,
special tools! For advanced
laborious typing chores with
new version 6.2, it's 100%
ROI-calculator, engineering.
programmers and web
ease - Request, Response,
bugs free!
No Excel needed on server!
designers, the script
Server, ServerVariables all
Benefits: Free
provides you with a great
have auto-completion pop-up
installations and
starting point for designing
menus, User Defined Tag
setup Free 20+
your own site.
Section, Easily convert your
templates Free 1 year
HTML tags & tag
premium hosting Full source
sequences to Response.write
codes 100% bugs free
statements, Form Creation
Assistant, ADO Connection
Features: Basic,
Assistant, SQL Statement
advanced, and Zip code
Assistant, CDO Connection
search Online messages,
Assistant, ASP Page Hit
chat room, message
Counter, ASP Objects - Open
board Rate Me, send/receive
& Close Statments
emoticons Support PayPal,
Dialog, and more. Now in
2checkout, and merchant
Standard and DotNet Editions
account Full reports and
statistics HTML
Editor Banner Manager,
Calendar Manager, Massmail
Manager Customizable
subscription plans
Customizable gender group
Customizable countries
Customizable profile

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Date: Nov, 26 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2005

Date: Nov, 01 2005
You can access your home
Lyzac ERP is a collection of
Web site packages for
Features include *
devices (lights,
intelligent software
developers, individuals,
Project Scheduling * Task
security...) from
components that can be used
organisations and small
Scheduling * Gantt Chart *
internet. ASP, VB6 and MS
to automate almost all your
business using website
PERT Analysis * Team
Access works together. NT
business processes. Whether
templates Why re invent the
Management * Knowledge
parallel port support. i
your business requires
wheel or spend days or weeks
Base * Customer Database
advice you to use freeware
inventory management, or
setting up a site when we
Baby Web Server for ASP
accounting control sales
have done all the hard work
management or billing
for you. Designed for
solutions, Lyzac ERP has it
Dreamweaver MX, SiteMaster
all!.Our software covers
is an ASP (Active Server
Agents/Agencies Education
Pages) Content Management
Repair Assembly Fabrication
System (CMS) software
Resellers Boutique
package which can be run on
Franchises Service Brokers
the vast majority of Windows
Government SOHO Catalog
web hosting with an MS
Services Import/Export
Access, MS SQL or MySQL
Subscription Contracting
database used for storage.
M-Commerce Suppliers
Full source code is supplied
Consulting Mail Order
so almost any modifications
Telemarketing Dealers
or unique features that may
Manufacturing Trading
be required could be added.
Developers Merchants
Customising the appearance
Training Distribution
of the site is easier than
Outlets VARs Dot Com Point
for any other ASP Content
of Sale Warehousing
Management System package -
E-Business Professional
just edit a style sheet and
Services Wholesale
HTML 'skin'. Try our Demo
The ASP pages contain
embedded code that runs at
the server. This code links
to the database, pulls
product and other
information out and then
formats the HTML
dynamically. The result can
be viewed by any web browser
on Windows, Linux, Mac O/S
or any other platform. The
system requirements to run
SiteMaster apply only to the
server, not the machines
used to view the web site.

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Date: Sep, 14 2005

Date: Sep, 14 2005
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