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Seven Simple Steps

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Access Maintainer

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Visual InterDev

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Using point and click
The Access Maintainer utility
Visual InterDev is the
Access all your POP3
techology, Seven Simple
is designed to automate the
team-based development
functions from ASP
Steps allows you to generate
maintenance of Microsoft
environment for rapidly
Database Aware Web Sites.
Access database files (.mdb)
designing, building, and
The output of this product
in the Windows environment.
debugging data-driven Web
is Smart Web Forms. Includes
Its purpose is to find and
applications. Main features
a wizard format to walk you
compact databases thereby
include: Integrated WYSIWYG
through seven steps, and
reducing wasted disk space
page editor to visually
create complete web site in
and increasing the
construct sophisticated HTML
minutes. Advanced features
performance of applications
and ASP pages, Debugging of
include: Multi-Column
using those databases. The
client- and server-side
Sorting, Page Skipper
utility is extremely
scripts for VBScript and
(record-set navigator),
valuable in environments
Jscript, Microsoft
Screen Security Access, UNDO
where there are many
Transaction Server
changes (Rollback - Data
separate Microsoft Access
(included) and reusable
Insurance), Complete
databases which are added
COM-based components built
Navigation System, and
to, and deleted from on a
with tools,
Creates Combo's from lookup
regular basis. Features
IntelliSense®-enabled script
tables. It generates all the
include: Scheduler (set and
development, Powerful,
forget) - specify the cycle
integrated database tools
necessary to manage site,
e.g. once per week, and the
for Oracle, Microsoft SQL
and the generated code is
start time, Search - every
ServerTM, Sybase, Informix,
easy to edit, and nothing is
drive / file path specified
DB/2, Microsoft Access,
hidden. Databases supported:
will be searched for new or
Microsoft Visual FoxPro®,
Access, SQL Server, Oracle,
modified databases, and Log
dBase, Paradox, and most
- all processing operations
other major database
are logged and displayed.
systems, and more.
See how much disk space you
are saving.

Date: Apr, 08 2001

Date: Aug, 22 2000

Date: Jun, 09 2000

Date: Nov, 30 -1
Access all NNTP functions
Do DNS and SPF queries direct
Easy Portal is a complete
Live Support is the perfect
from ASP. Very easy to code.
from your ASP code. This
portal website that include
tool to communicate with
Just a couple of lines and
is not only another DNS
all the tools a web master
your visitors immediately. A
you bring your corporate
Object but it also includes
need to build, maintain and
powerfull chat application
NNTP Server into the web.
evaluators for SPF (Sender
administrate his webiste.
that doesn't require any
Policy Framework). For
third party components. Your
example you could check if
visitors are a click a way
an email is forged if
from you.
somebody subscribes to a
newsletter on your site.

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1
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