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SPROC Function Builder

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Primalscript is a code-level
SPROC Function Builder is a
ResponseIt is a utility/tool
ASPWizard is an all in one
development tool for you.
really handy windows app
to convert your HTML or text
package that automates ASP
Primalscript makes your
designed to take the
code generation. ASPWizard
development tasks faster and
backache out of writing
saves you time, effort and
easier with
functions to access SQL
ASP / VB format. This is
money and caters for both
Server stored
extremely handy if you want
Professional and the less
Primalsense, code snippets,
procedures. Written in .NET
to encode your ASP code or
experienced ASP developer.
project management, and much
this application is small,
integrate your HTML / text
The software incorporates
more. Works with over 30
easy to use and very
into your VB components.
features that save time when
effective. It is not limited
compiling repetitive code
to any specific language so
but still allows less
whatever you write your code
experienced users of ASP to
in this little utility can
learn the basics of code
save you hours if you need
structure. ASPWizard
to run stored procedures.
generates ASP code just when
you need it. The application
enables new ASP users to get
started with (ASP) and
substitutes the hours of
code manipulation/generation
that experienced ASP users
know only to well. There is
now a range of ASP Wizards
which automate ASP code
generation. All are designed
to work with small databases
such as MS Access
97/2000,SQL Server 97/2000,
ORACLE and ODBC connections.

Date: Nov, 04 2002

Date: Oct, 03 2002

Date: Mar, 19 2002

Date: Dec, 06 2001
Xcripter is a framework for
intelliCanvas is an
Coding Assistant is an
1 Click DB Pro Wizard
database driven
intelligent ASP editor, that
easy-to-use and flexible
automatically generates
code generation: Asp, Html,
is available for free. It
application made to ease the
customizable Active Server
JavaScript. Its technology
works in a similar fashion
boring task of coding in
Pages to browse, search and
is based in pipelines of Xml
to Microsoft's Visual
ASP. It differs from most
edit pages from your
Transformations, and guided
Interdev or any other
codewizards by letting you
Microsoft Access or SQL
by Visual Basic Classes. It
Microsoft Visual Studio
workout your own templates,
Server database. Reduce
is very easy to use: 1.
product. A good alternative
which significantly speeds
tedious and error prone hand
Select a Database, 2. Select
for those who can not afford
up coding-production, and
coding. Includes complete
a Table, 3. Press the button
the luxury to buy Microsoft
lets you reuse your scripts
online administration of SQL
'Generate Script'. It
Visual InterDev. As you
again and again without
Server and MS
includes the Table Schema in
write your code,
loosing the flexibility of
Access databases with an
XML format, An ASP Script
intelliCanvas senses and
ordinary coding.
Explorer interface. Design
that lists the table, and
recommends what to type
tables, fields,
the Form associated with the
next. As you type a dot
relationships, indexes,
table in HTML and with a lot
after an ASP Object, a list
triggers, and stored
of javascript validations.
of all the corresponding
procedures. No extra
properties will popup on the
components required.

Date: Nov, 12 2001

Date: Sep, 17 2001

Date: Sep, 10 2001

Date: Jun, 25 2001
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