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Encryption Tools


ID Image Protector

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Ulove Password Manager

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Personal PC Spy

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Encrypt Files

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ID Image Protector is one of
Ulove Password Manager can
Personal PC Spy is the most
With Encrypt Files you can
the most efficient
help you change this kind of
powerful stealth keylogger
securely encrypt and
protection programs for your
experience. Ulove Password
software. Personal PC Spy
password protect your
personal data that insures
Manager can remember a lot
runs silently at the lowest
confidential files and
reliable encryption of files
of the account numbers and
level of windows capturing
folders. Encrypt Files is
with perfect decoding to
passwords. and These account
every keystroke typed
fast, lightweight, supports
original content.
numbers or passwords are
including usernames and
13 strong encryption
windows log-on passwords.
algorithms and shreds files
after encryption. Encrypt
Files is free application.

Date: Apr, 22 2007

Date: Apr, 16 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 11 2007
A transparent(on-the-fly)
P-Encrypt Secure Drive (PESD)
Folder Vault is a file
Word Password Recovery Wizard
disk/cd encryption system,
is a program that can create
security program allowing
is a sophisticated solution
which combin with AES
virtual encrypted disk
the user to hide, lock,
for recovering all types of
256-bit encryption.
drives. These drives can be
encrypt and protect files
MS Word passwords. All
DiskEncryptor can make a
connected to a windows drive
and folders in the blink of
versions of Microsoft Word
disk partition encrypted on
letter. PESD encryption
an eye. With one master
are supported. You can gain
the windows system....
algorithms available today
password FolderVault will
access to your valuable
includeing AES, Blowfish,
protect your files, folders,
information with a single
Twofish, TripleDES, and
drives from being accessed.
Windows XP Vista

Date: Apr, 09 2007

Date: Mar, 27 2007

Date: Mar, 21 2007

Date: Mar, 21 2007
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