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The Case for PHP and MySQL

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The latest best-kept secret

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Cookies allow the webmaster
"FindArticles Plug-In is
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With the same features as ASP
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objective in this article is
and JSP, PHP is the fastest
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articles quick and easy,
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.htm/html for ordinary Web
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cookies is to store your
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increasingly common -
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than 900 magazines and
ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion and a
.php....As another Netcraft
need to login again each
journals, starting from 1998
host of other web-app
survey shows, there are
time you visit a website.
until present.
scripting solutions out
currently around 700,000
Cookies can also store other
FindArticles even brings
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sites using it.
things such as your name,
some print-only
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last visit, shopping cart
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contents, etc.
for the first time. This
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www.articlecircle.com ...
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The main difference between
SmartPPC Pro script.Using
to discover the case for
a cookie and a session is
this plugin you can offer
PHP. According to some
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stats, there are over
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and enlarge traffic and
12,000,000 sites on the
is not. Although cookies
internet now running PHP.
have been around for many
So, what's behind that and
years and most people do
why is it so popular?
have them enabled, there are
some who do not. Cookies can
also be removed by the user
at any time, so don't use
them to store anything too

Date: Dec, 15 2006

Date: Mar, 30 2005

Date: Jun, 06 2003

Date: Jan, 28 2000
PHP is a Web scripting
Here is an extensive
This article discusses
Talks about limitations with
language that is the
compilation of tips on how
features of PHP4, the most
PHP3 and the new and
functional equivalent of
to optimise Apache on Linux
advanced version of PHP.
improved features with PHP4.
Microsoft's VBScript and
and Unix for PHP and CGI
Topics include: History
Covers various aspects of
Active Server Pages except
programs. The tips can also
Brief, Where Did We Go
the new PHP4 in detail.
that PHP is more
be applied to Perl and
Wrong?, The Birth of Zend,
and Design Changes In PHP 4
provides myriad powerful
and Zend.
features for your Web

Date: Jan, 18 2000

Date: Aug, 12 2004

Date: Apr, 12 2000

Date: Jan, 18 2000
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