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Comparing PHP and Cold Fusion

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Configuration Management

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Data-Drive Sites with Midgard

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A comparison of PHP of Cold
The main issues discussed in
The mangement of software
Zope isn't the only Open
Fusion by Mike Sheldon. It's
this article about PHP
development projects with
Source site-management tool
interesting to note that
versus Perl are (1) Perl
respect to issues such as
out there. Brian Jepson
Allaire is moving strongly
does not separate code from
multiple developers working
introduces Midgard. Main
toward the Java platform,
HTML (2) mod_perl is a fine
on the same code at the same
topics include: Installing
and reports are that CF 5.0
hack, but still a hack (3)
time, targeting multiple
Midgard, Building a Simple
will be an abstraction layer
and performance.
platforms, supporting
Site with Midgard, Defining
on a Java Servlet engine.
multiple versions, and
Styles for Your Site,
Allaire is also very
controlling the status of
Creating the Host, Creating
definitely focusing on the
Content, Updating the Home
Enterprise market, and IMHO
Page, and Data Collections.
is not paying much attention
to the "Pro"
market anymore. While the
profit margins are
definitely better in the
Enterprise market, there's
a whole ton more volume in
the rest of the market,
which is ripe for PHP to

Date: Jan, 01 2001

Date: Jan, 01 2001

Date: Dec, 05 2006

Date: May, 16 2000
Information, listings, blogs,
The recent benchmarking spree
PHP is an Open Source
The release of PHP 4.0, the
discussions about Dating
of PhpLib, ADODB, PEAR DB,
language that is widely
long-awaited, next
Scripts, Dating Software,
Metabase and Native MySQL
popular on the web. However
generation of the popular
Matchmaking Software,
has brought more questions
because PHP so popular in
Web scripting language, is
Matchmaker Software.
up how to to design fast and
shared hosting environments,
just around the corner. The
powerful class libraries in
many people have an
most recent version, release
PHP. This short article
impression that PHP is only
candidate 1, is stable and
describes how to design a
for small scale web-sites.
ready to take over PHP 3.0's
fast and powerful class
This is patently untrue, and
role in Web application
libraries in PHP.
PHP is in use in many large
development. The release
scale web sites such as
takes PHP to new levels,
Yahoo Finance and for the
with increased performance,
creation of large web
more features, and cleaner
applications such as IMP.
This article is an attempt
to readdress the balance and
show how PHP is used in the

Date: Jun, 22 2005

Date: Oct, 29 2001

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: May, 16 2000
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