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Advantages of PHP Over Java

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Enterprise PHP

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Learn how to use PHP to
This is a brief article on
PHP is an Open Source
Cookies allow the webmaster
separate the different
comparison between PHP and
language that is widely
to store information about
elements that make up a well
Java language. Discussion on
popular on the web. However
the site visitor on their
designed and valid Web page
history, advantages, and
because PHP so popular in
computer to be accessed
into its component parts and
shared hosting environments,
again the next time they
have these parts adapt in
many people have an
visit. One common use of
certain powerful ways. These
impression that PHP is only
cookies is to store your
components correlate almost
for small scale web-sites.
username and password on
exactly with the modular
This is patently untrue, and
your computer so you don't
design of XHTML itself.
PHP is in use in many large
need to login again each
Covers the key differences
scale web sites such as
time you visit a website.
between HTML and XHTML, the
Yahoo Finance and for the
Cookies can also store other
HTTP protocol, content
creation of large web
things such as your name,
negotiation and MIME types,
applications such as IMP.
last visit, shopping cart
returning the correct
This article is an attempt
contents, etc.
DOCTYPE declaration,
to readdress the balance and
www.articlecircle.com ...
building custom metadata in
show how PHP is used in the
The main difference between
the <head> section of
a cookie and a session is
each document, extracting
that a cookie is stored on
navigation elements and
your computer, and a session
content from a MySQL
is not. Although cookies
database, markup functions,
have been around for many
and finally closing page
years and most people do
elements. The series
have them enabled, there are
concludes with a sample page
some who do not. Cookies can
that demonstrates all the
also be removed by the user
key aspects. Full annotated
at any time, so don't use
source code is provided
them to store anything too

Date: Jul, 26 2005

Date: Aug, 28 2003

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Dec, 15 2006
This article takes a brief
PHP 4.0 makes its debut. The
There is a long-time existed
Talks about limitations with
look at PHP4/Zend
author puts PHP 4 through
obstacle of Microsoft
PHP3 and the new and
technology. It discusses
its paces on one of the
software products usage in
improved features with PHP4.
such issues as architecture
busiest Web sites
Unix/Linux environment.
Covers various aspects of
and functionality, PHP3 vs
around--Linux Today--and
Microsoft Excel is
the new PHP4 in detail.
PHP4, pros and cons of PHP,
what his benchmarking shows
definitely one of the most
will amaze you: PHP 4.0 is
important programs for a
an amazingly fast tool that
typical user. Hundreds of
can optimize any Web site.
millions of XLS files with
different information exist
and millions are created
every day. Not only users
work with XLS files on their
local machines but they also
want to use such files in
the Internet. Taking into
account the fact that the
great majority of Web
servers are operational
under Unix/Linux we can
clearly recognize the
question about XLS file
reading under Unix/Linux.
The good news is that the
problem has already been

Date: Aug, 01 2000

Date: Jun, 07 2000

Date: Mar, 22 2006

Date: Jan, 18 2000
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