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Plotting points on a map in PHP

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Evolution of a Super Hero

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Here is an extensive
Give code and examples on the
The release of PHP 4.0, the
compilation of tips on how
basics of plotting
long-awaited, next
to optimise Apache on Linux
geo-coordinates on a raster
generation of the popular
and Unix for PHP and CGI
map of the world using PHP
Web scripting language, is
programs. The tips can also
and GD.
just around the corner. The
be applied to Perl and
most recent version, release
candidate 1, is stable and
ready to take over PHP 3.0's
role in Web application
development. The release
takes PHP to new levels,
with increased performance,
more features, and cleaner

Date: Aug, 12 2004

Date: Aug, 25 2004

Date: Jul, 28 2004

Date: May, 16 2000
This article discusses
PEAR is the standard library
A survey and discussion of
The main issues discussed in
features of PHP4, the most
of PHP code for PHP4.
how popular PHP, JSP, ASP,
this article about PHP
advanced version of PHP.
Tutorials and documentation
and CFM scripting languages
versus Perl are (1) Perl
Topics include: History
on PEAR can be found here.
are by counting search
does not separate code from
Brief, Where Did We Go
engine URLs.
HTML (2) mod_perl is a fine
Wrong?, The Birth of Zend,
hack, but still a hack (3)
and Design Changes In PHP 4
and performance.
and Zend.

Date: Apr, 12 2000

Date: Apr, 10 2001

Date: Nov, 15 2000

Date: Jan, 01 2001
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