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PHP Tunisie Magazine is a
PHP is now the most popular
PHP is a Web scripting
The recent benchmarking spree
FREE monthly french magazine
module for the Apache
language that is the
of PhpLib, ADODB, PEAR DB,
for PHP Professionnals. The
server, currently running on
functional equivalent of
Metabase and Native MySQL
magazine is created and
about two million Web sites.
Microsoft's VBScript and
has brought more questions
maintained by PHPTunisie
This article discusses a
Active Server Pages except
up how to to design fast and
short history, what to look
that PHP is more
powerful class libraries in
for in a scripting engine,
PHP. This short article
advantages and disadvantages
provides myriad powerful
describes how to design a
of PHP, and more.
features for your Web
fast and powerful class
libraries in PHP.

Date: Aug, 02 2004

Date: Dec, 27 2000

Date: Jan, 18 2000

Date: Oct, 29 2001
Being a good PHP hacker isn't
According to Symantec
A comparison of PHP of Cold
Ask most Web application
just about writing single
AntiVirus Research Center,
Fusion by Mike Sheldon. It's
developers their scripting
line solutions to complex
"PHP.Pirus is the first
interesting to note that
language of choice, and
problems. For example, web
virus written in PHP, a
Allaire is moving strongly
you'll find that most are
gurus know that speed
server-side scripting
toward the Java platform,
divided into two camps - the
of coding is much more
language used for dynamic
and reports are that CF 5.0
Microsoft Active Server
important than speed of
Web page generation. The
will be an abstraction layer
Pages (ASP) folks, and the
code. This article looks at
virus searches for .php and
on a Java Servlet engine.
Cold Fusion users. If you do
techniques that can help you
.htm files and inserts code
Allaire is also very
a little more research
become a better PHP hacker.
to call itself. The virus
definitely focusing on the
however, you'll find there
It assumes that you have a
executes only on servers
Enterprise market, and IMHO
are other options out there,
basic knowledge of PHP and
with PHP interpreters. This
is not paying much attention
and one of these, PHP 3.0,
virus cannot be contracted
to the "Pro"
is in much wider use than
by simply visiting an
market anymore. While the
one would think for an
infected Web page." The
profit margins are
Web page offers technical
definitely better in the
description and how to
Enterprise market, there's
remove the virus.
a whole ton more volume in
the rest of the market,
which is ripe for PHP to

Date: Jul, 17 2000

Date: Dec, 01 2000

Date: Jan, 01 2001

Date: Jan, 18 2000
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