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The Case for PHP and MySQL

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Server-side scripting languages

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This article by Zend
Unapologetically, my
Can't decide whether to use
The recent benchmarking spree
describes why PHP is gaining
objective in this article is
PHP scripts, Perl CGIs, or
of PhpLib, ADODB, PEAR DB,
popularity as the enterprise
to show that PHP and MySQL
Java servlets for your next
Metabase and Native MySQL
solution for developing
are both mature and
Web development project?
has brought more questions
dynamic Web applications.
widespread technologies that
This article will help you
up how to to design fast and
can be considered a primary
decide by providing a
powerful class libraries in
web-application platform,
side-by-side comparison of
PHP. This short article
not just an alternative to
the functioning source code
describes how to design a
ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion and a
of all three languages
fast and powerful class
host of other web-app
libraries in PHP.
scripting solutions out
there. I'm developing
this article in an
evolutionary way and will
add as I see trends, get new
data, have new ideas for how
to discover the case for
PHP. According to some
stats, there are over
12,000,000 sites on the
internet now running PHP.
So, what's behind that and
why is it so popular?

Date: Aug, 28 2003

Date: Jun, 06 2003

Date: Nov, 12 2001

Date: Oct, 29 2001
PEAR is the standard library
This article presents a
A comparison of PHP of Cold
The main issues discussed in
of PHP code for PHP4.
compilation of all available
Fusion by Mike Sheldon. It's
this article about PHP
Tutorials and documentation
PHP debuggers and caches,
interesting to note that
versus Perl are (1) Perl
on PEAR can be found here.
with benchmarks.
Allaire is moving strongly
does not separate code from
toward the Java platform,
HTML (2) mod_perl is a fine
and reports are that CF 5.0
hack, but still a hack (3)
will be an abstraction layer
and performance.
on a Java Servlet engine.
Allaire is also very
definitely focusing on the
Enterprise market, and IMHO
is not paying much attention
to the "Pro"
market anymore. While the
profit margins are
definitely better in the
Enterprise market, there's
a whole ton more volume in
the rest of the market,
which is ripe for PHP to

Date: Apr, 10 2001

Date: Feb, 05 2001

Date: Jan, 01 2001

Date: Jan, 01 2001
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