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Why PHP?

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PHP is now the most popular
According to Symantec
A survey and discussion of
PHP's lack of a standard
module for the Apache
AntiVirus Research Center,
how popular PHP, JSP, ASP,
database API makes switching
server, currently running on
"PHP.Pirus is the first
and CFM scripting languages
databases difficult and
about two million Web sites.
virus written in PHP, a
are by counting search
costly once an application
This article discusses a
server-side scripting
engine URLs.
has been written. For
short history, what to look
language used for dynamic
example, if you write a
for in a scripting engine,
Web page generation. The
program that uses a MySQL
advantages and disadvantages
virus searches for .php and
database on the back end,
of PHP, and more.
.htm files and inserts code
and you want to modify that
to call itself. The virus
program so that it uses a
executes only on servers
Sybase database, you'll most
with PHP interpreters. This
likely spend hours modifying
virus cannot be contracted
the code. This article,
by simply visiting an
along with sample codes,
infected Web page." The
discusses possible solutions.
Web page offers technical
description and how to
remove the virus.

Date: Dec, 27 2000

Date: Dec, 01 2000

Date: Nov, 15 2000

Date: Oct, 27 2000
This article takes a brief
Being a good PHP hacker isn't
PHP 4.0 makes its debut. The
Zope isn't the only Open
look at PHP4/Zend
just about writing single
author puts PHP 4 through
Source site-management tool
technology. It discusses
line solutions to complex
its paces on one of the
out there. Brian Jepson
such issues as architecture
problems. For example, web
busiest Web sites
introduces Midgard. Main
and functionality, PHP3 vs
gurus know that speed
around--Linux Today--and
topics include: Installing
PHP4, pros and cons of PHP,
of coding is much more
what his benchmarking shows
Midgard, Building a Simple
important than speed of
will amaze you: PHP 4.0 is
Site with Midgard, Defining
code. This article looks at
an amazingly fast tool that
Styles for Your Site,
techniques that can help you
can optimize any Web site.
Creating the Host, Creating
become a better PHP hacker.
Content, Updating the Home
It assumes that you have a
Page, and Data Collections.
basic knowledge of PHP and

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Date: May, 16 2000
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