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The Case for PHP and MySQL

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Data-Drive Sites with Midgard

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Unapologetically, my
Zope isn't the only Open
objective in this article is
Source site-management tool
to show that PHP and MySQL
out there. Brian Jepson
are both mature and
introduces Midgard. Main
widespread technologies that
topics include: Installing
can be considered a primary
Midgard, Building a Simple
web-application platform,
Site with Midgard, Defining
not just an alternative to
Styles for Your Site,
ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion and a
Creating the Host, Creating
host of other web-app
Content, Updating the Home
scripting solutions out
Page, and Data Collections.
there. I'm developing
this article in an
evolutionary way and will
add as I see trends, get new
data, have new ideas for how
to discover the case for
PHP. According to some
stats, there are over
12,000,000 sites on the
internet now running PHP.
So, what's behind that and
why is it so popular?

Date: Jun, 06 2003

Date: May, 16 2000
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