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Advantages of PHP Over Java

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PHP's lack of a standard
Ask most Web application
This is a brief article on
database API makes switching
developers their scripting
comparison between PHP and
databases difficult and
language of choice, and
Java language. Discussion on
costly once an application
you'll find that most are
history, advantages, and
has been written. For
divided into two camps - the
example, if you write a
Microsoft Active Server
program that uses a MySQL
Pages (ASP) folks, and the
database on the back end,
Cold Fusion users. If you do
and you want to modify that
a little more research
program so that it uses a
however, you'll find there
Sybase database, you'll most
are other options out there,
likely spend hours modifying
and one of these, PHP 3.0,
the code. This article,
is in much wider use than
along with sample codes,
one would think for an
discusses possible solutions.

Date: Oct, 27 2000

Date: Jan, 18 2000

Date: Aug, 25 2004

Date: Aug, 28 2003
In this article, you will
Aspect Oriented Software
Learn how to use PHP to
BPEL for Web services, also
learn about the general
Development (AOSD) is a
separate the different
known as BPELWS or BPEL4WS,
development features of
methodology meant to
elements that make up a well
is based upon
Apache, as well as two
implement new aspects in
designed and valid Web page
XML standards. It is
particular environments that
software component using
into its component parts and
intended to provide a means
lend themselves to serious
external components, but
have these parts adapt in
to implement task-sharing in
applications. The first,
without altering the code
certain powerful ways. These
a distributed or grid
PHP, is a strong language
that implements the core
components correlate almost
computing environment both
for database-related
functionality. The AOSD
exactly with the modular
within and across
functions. The second,
concept was applied
design of XHTML itself.
multiple organizations. The
mod_perl, moves Perl
originally by Java
Covers the key differences
BPEL acts as a
scripting into the
developers. They developed a
between HTML and XHTML, the
"glue" between
high-performance arena and
compiler that implements the
HTTP protocol, content
various Web services.
extends what you can do with
AOP (Aspect-Oriented
negotiation and MIME types,
Programming, an
returning the correct
implementation of AOSD)
DOCTYPE declaration,
white box approach, i.e. the
building custom metadata in
compiler the merges the code
the <head> section of
that implements the software
each document, extracting
components core
navigation elements and
functionality with the
content from a MySQL
necessary code alterations
database, markup functions,
to implement the new aspects
and finally closing page
where necessary. This paper
elements. The series
provides an introduction
concludes with a sample page
into the paradigm of
that demonstrates all the
aspect-oriented software
key aspects. Full annotated
development (AOSD). It
source code is provided
includes a multitude of
practical examples, provided
with a view to objectify
such abstract approach as
AOSD, as well as to help the
reader easily grasp its
essence and advantages. The
paper is primarily intended
for programmers working with
PHP. Its aim is to
demonstrate a way of
applying AOSD in PHP-based

Date: Jan, 18 2000

Date: May, 14 2006

Date: Jul, 26 2005

Date: Aug, 14 2006
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