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Vigenere Decoder

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Perl-raiser CGI Generator

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Perl Dev Kit

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Ruckus MailFILTER

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This perl script breaks the
Perl-raiser CGI Generator is
Perl Dev Kit provides
Ruckus MailFILTER is a
famous Vigenere Cipher. It
Software which Generates
essential tools for Perl
thorough and effective
enchances an automatic
Ready-To-Go Website Search
programmers, making it
enterprise-class email
selection but also allows
Engines, Refer a Friends,
easier to build and deploy
filtering application that
the user to manually select
Member Logins, Guestbooks,
applications. Perl
will screen incoming email
the key out of an automatic
Mailing List/Newsletters,
developers can create
and determine if it should
list of possible keys. Works
self-contained applications,
be delivered, rejected or
for most of the ciphertexts.
MessageBoard/Forums, and
.NET and ActiveX components,
quarantined. Ruckus
For any
Feedback Programs. User
Windows services and system
MailFILTER provides
Interactive CGI Programs
tray applications, and more
cutting-edge email filtering
please contact the creator.
which drive traffic to your
- all written in Perl.
technology, along with the
features that most users
really want (but haven't
been able to get) for
maximum performance and ease
of operation.

Date: Apr, 20 2004

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2004
Perl Development Environment
This Perl script was designed
Blosxom (pronounced
Try this integrated
with multi-file
to facilitate of domains
"Blossom") is a
development environment
syntax-highlighting editor,
management on Unix based web
lightweight yet
(IDE) for Perl with all the
web utilities such as
servers with Apache
feature-packed weblog
necessary tools for writing
one-click FTP upload,
installed. Usually on big
application designed from
and debugging your Perl
one-click upload and execute
servers with virtual hosting
the ground up with
programs. It features
on server, one-click testing
services the httpd.conf
simplicity, usability, and
multiple CGI scripts for
to in-line text pane or web
contains the very more
interoperability in mind.
editing, running, and
browser, inbuilt web server,
debugging; multiple input
MySQL integration, batch
definitions. The script will
files; full server
file editing / execution,
analyse your httpd.conf file
simulation; queries created
module installer, auto
and DNS records and display
from an internal Web browser
form-filling / environment
all incorrect domains records
or query editor; test MySQL,
variable emulation, code
MS Access scripts;
templates, multi-level
interective I/O; directory
backups / one-click
window; code library; and
restores, version control,
code templates.
logging, and time-saving
Autoupdate & Autoconfig

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: Aug, 05 2003

Date: Jun, 06 2003

Date: Apr, 21 2003
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