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FmPro Migrator quickly and
A simple Perl script to
TheBillingSystem is a
We are the first to introduce
accurately migrates
conver AAIGrid (Arc/Info
complete billing system
a Perl Obfuscation &
FileMaker Pro database
ASCII Grid) digital
making it easy for you to
Encryption Tool , which runs
structure and data to MySQL,
elevation model data into a
start your own iBill type of
using a simple web based
Oracle, Access, SQL Server,
TGA image suitable for
3rd party billing
form and use the following
Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and
POVray's height_field object.
site. You can let other
method to encrypt your Perl
FrontBase. -- Migrates
webmasters charge their
- Cgi -& Perl Modules
from Access to FileMaker 7
customers through your
Easily. Easily encrypt
-- Migrates from FileMaker
system and you keep 15, 20
your Perl source code and
3/4/5/6 to FileMaker 7 --
25% etc. Completely
don't let thief stole your
Generates Perl CGI scripts
customizable. Built in
valuable code. 60 Days
for all databases --
Control Panel, Webmaster
License , your script wont
Process Images via the Web
Panel, Reseller Panel and
expired which you encrypt
With Ease -- Host FileMaker
Pro data at any ISP
more. TheBillingSystem is
expire in 60 Days, as this
supporting MySQL --
also great for webmasters
is a 60 Days License, but
Documents FileMaker Pro
with many of their own
you may purchase Unlimited
database structure --
paysites, allowing you to
License , with no time limit.
Migration of large text
provide your own billing and
fields and image data for
not depending on another
all supported databases --
company to mail you a
No ODBC driver licensing
required for UNIX
Version 6.0 BETA - Price
servers -- Repeating Fields
discounted on this test
Extraction (for selected
databases) -- Economical
Site License -- FileMaker
JPEG image export feature
FileMaker Pro database
fields containing more than
255 or 4000 characters of
text are migrated to the
appropriate large text
column type in the
destination database. JPEG
Image data within FileMaker
Pro container fields is
migrated directly to the
appropriate BLOB type of
database columns through a
network connection. No
manual data entry is
required for processing
either of these specialized
data types.

Date: May, 23 2005

Date: May, 11 2005

Date: Apr, 27 2005

Date: Apr, 25 2005
Tavrida PERL Editor is a
HappyClock is a the style
Mabliki is a HTML::Mason of
Perl Editors brings an
Delphi-like application
gather the function strong,
the Martin Fowler's bliki
extensive list of Editors
for writing PERL scripts
usage convenience, exquisite
concept. It uses the wiki
and other development tools
and Web sites with PERL
cleverly made, beauty
formating tags from
for Perl. All Perl software
and database support and
generous four for integral
MediaWiki, and lists the
is fully reviewed and allows
testing them on a built-in
whole of personal use
article in a most recent to
programmers to add their own
Web server. Main
calculator certainly hour
less recent order. The
features: - Delphi(C++
automatic performance
actual version already
Builder)-like interface:
implements numbered and no
main window with a Tag
numbered lists, bolds,
palette (the analog of the
italics, monospaces,
Component palette) on
headlines and math
the top, Tag editor (the
formulas. It is powered by
analog of the Object
a MySQL database, and allows
Inspector) and Code editor
multiple blikis with a
below. - Multi-functional
single mabliki instalation,
Code editor with HTML,
since everything is in the
JavaScript, PERL, CSS
and XML syntax highlighting.
- Web sites are managed as
projects - sets of files
of different types: HTML,
JavaScript, PERL, CSS,
XML, text, image, etc. -
Code completion feature
quickens the input of
standard constructions such
as operators, algorithms
and HTML elements. - Tag
palette allows to insert
standard HTML tags with
a single click. - Tag
editor helps to set the
values of the HTML tags'
parameters and code their
JavaScript event handlers.
- A built-in Web server
with HTTP, PERL and database
support. - Ability to
test Web pages and scripts
with different HTTP
parameters using GET and
POST request methods. -
Results of execution can be
displayed in a built-in
Web browser or as a source
HTML code. - An integrated
PERL debugger allows to
execute PERL scripts
step-by-step or run them
until next breakpoint,
view values of variables and
modify them, etc. - A
built-in FTP Client
downloads files, publishes
files and projects on
the remote FTP server,
creates directories,
renames, deletes, changes
permissions on files and
directories on the FTP

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Mar, 15 2005

Date: Feb, 28 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2005
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