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SYMBOL is an acronym for Surf
Graphical text/file editor
The Follow Up Mailing List
Galleryscript.net has the
Your Money Books On Line.
written entirely in Perl
Processor is a very
picture gallery solution for
This is a browser based
with the Perl/Tk module.The
specialized mailing list
your website. Designed for
double entry accounting
text/file editor provides
system. You can create
small and medium sized
system for Australian
some adavnced features that
unlimited e-mail messages,
websites, very easy to use
conditions. Has Payroll
make it good for writting
which are automatically sent
and set up. The script is
System, mailing lists, stock
and debugging Perl and other
out to the subscribers of
designed to work in the same
control, count the money in
types of scripts easily.
your mailing list at
style and design as your
as many different ways as
different time intervals.
website with ease. The
you want. Generation of
The script also allows you
script uses Perl CGI, which
standard letters for payroll
to create and assign an auto
is standard on almost any
deductions. Vlookup
responder to a mailing list,
web host. A basic version
friendly reports for Excel
so when someone sends an
is available for FREE !
and Gnumeric. Multi-user,
e-mail to the auto
The anticipated milestone
Multi-Platform. The
responder, they are
release series 1.3.x are
instructions are still a
automatically added to the
available now.
work in progress.
mailing list, and follow ups
begin. Whats new: -
Multilingual user
interface - Bounced emails
processing - SMTP
authentication - Blacklist
e-mails database -
LinkTracking system -
E-Mail Duplication Check -
Personalized E-Mail Messages

Date: Nov, 23 2005

Date: Nov, 22 2005

Date: Oct, 19 2005

Date: Sep, 29 2005
A customizeable way to allow
Rate this Page! gives and web
Date and time stamp a web
Create CGI (Common Gateway
visitors to subscribe
site visitors an opportunity
page with a twist. Choose
Interface) scripts for any
(opt-in) to a web site's
to both rate a page
from 9 languages, put
type of form. Single or
newsletters or other
(Excellent! to Didn't Apply)
current date/time a web
multi-page form input and
promotions and to
and include comments
page, identify when just a
confirmation before
unsubscribe (opt out) from
regarding a page's comments.
single component of a web
submission. Mail to main and
future emails. Uses web page
By design, Rate this Page!
page (e.g. graphic, web cam
copy email addresses, with
'skins' to display a
does not capture email
shot...) was updated - or -
facility to mask particular
pre-programmed Perl/CGI
addresses, because it has
the last date/time the page
IDs in copy email. Mail in
been found that asking
itself was updated. Put as
plain text or HTML format.
function. This feature
individuals for an email
many stamps on a page in as
Customizable templates to
allows the output to be
address is one certain way
many different formats as
compose mail, autoresponder
tailored to the existing
of insuring the program is
you want, have total control
and acknowledgment pages.
design of a web site. Date
NEVER USED (spam worries).
of the data and time format
Customizable invoice/receipt
is stored in a flat-file
Fully customizable for
from HTML. Setup requires
after submission. Store the
(e.g. no SQL, MySQL or other
rating categories (add new
little or no Perl/CGI
input on server.
'high-end' support
ones, change or remove
programming experience.
Customizable CGI that can be
facilities required) and is
supplied ones) and the Thank
Includes Perl/CGI formatting
resided on your server or on
reviewable online as a
You page. Results of each
script, comprehensive setup
WebGenie's secure server.
comma-delimited display that
posting emailed to
and user's guide and a
Ideal for order, feedback,
is password protected. No
webmaster. Includes
template.htm file for setup
survey, mailing list,
SSI required.
Perl/CGI form processor,
testing and debugging. Unix
enrollment, etc. Free module
JavaScript include file (for
or IIS web hosts; no SSI
to create 'Refer This
providing page title and
calls required.
Site'form for any website.
other information),
comprehensive setup and
user's guide - and - a
template.htm file for setup
testing and debugging. Unix
only; no SSI calls required.

Date: Jul, 30 2005

Date: Jul, 30 2005

Date: Jul, 30 2005

Date: Jul, 14 2005
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