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Ascad Guestbook Creator

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PDT-System for PayPal

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ActivePerl is the complete,
Easily establish a
Got list? ListMaster handles
The PDT-System is a complete
quality-assured and
professional guestbook on
anything from Links page
back-end handler for paypal.
ready-to-install Perl
your web site, allowing
entries, News bulletins,
Works with paypal's standard
distribution for AIX, HP-UX,
unlimited users to sign the
Site/business associate
and business accounts. (Not
Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris,
guestbook. Administrators
listings, Calendar entries
for Free accounts) Simply
and Windows. It is available
will be happy with the
to product/portfolio
create a buynow button and
on DVD or by free download.
administrative comments
showcases (with photos) and
send the paypal's auto
feature, alloing them to
back again. Features include
return to this system and
comment on users' posts.
(really short list):
you have complete control of
Banned language, IP, name,
Automatic link creation
the download(s). Supports
and spam reduction filters
(just type in a web or email
multiple buynow buttons to
help to prevent unwanted
address into a description
downloads. Unique system
content from being posted on
and ListMaster turns it into
design prevents sharing of
your guestbook, while a
a link!) plus a separate
download links and limits
convenient administrative
summary listing of just
buyer to 3 attempts to
control panel allows you to
titles and time/location for
download. Details of
manage signatures. Finally,
entries (e.g. for use on a
security and how the system
customisable templates for
Home Page). Online
works available. Live Demo
seamless integration into
administration through any
any web site.
conventional web browser and
requires 'no code skills'
for update (will need to
know how to resize images,
when used; instructions
included). Package includes
Perl/CGI scripts (easily set
up by modifying one file),
comprehensive Setup and
User's Guide and even
template web pages to assist
setup on a specific web site.

Date: Jan, 09 2007

Date: Oct, 12 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2005

Date: Jul, 24 2006
Top Perl Studio is an
SYMBOL is an acronym for Surf
Perl XML library for parsing
HappyClock is a the style
Integrated Development
Your Money Books On Line.
and creating XML. Advanced
gather the function strong,
Environment which provides
This is a browser based
API for XML compression, XML
usage convenience, exquisite
comprehensive and
double entry accounting
encryption, and handling XML
cleverly made, beauty
easy-to-use solution for
system for Australian
binary content. Fully
generous four for integral
editing, testing and
conditions. Has Payroll
internationalized to handle
whole of personal use
deploying CGI/Perl based web
System, mailing lists, stock
any language / character
calculator certainly hour
applications. Top Perl
control, count the money in
automatic performance
Studio includes an internal
as many different ways as
HTTP server which directly
you want. Generation of
runs CGI/Perl code and an
standard letters for payroll
internal web browser for
deductions. Vlookup
previewing the scripts.
friendly reports for Excel
Other major features are
and Gnumeric. Multi-user,
function and parameter
Multi-Platform. The
completion for built-in Perl
instructions are still a
functions, configurable
work in progress.
syntax highlighting for
Perl, HTML, XML, SQL..,
built-in FTP client,
file/server explorer, syntax
checking for Perl code,
visual file comparison
utility, HTML tag
completion, code snippets
for CSS and HTML tags,
automatic parentheses
highlighting and more...

Date: Dec, 03 2006

Date: Nov, 23 2005

Date: Oct, 22 2006

Date: Mar, 15 2005
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