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3f Project 2006

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Easy Projects .NET

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TraX :: Payroll Management

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cyn.in (pronounced:
Web based project management
Easy Projects .NET - the
1. Highly Customisable Leave
"sign-in") is a
system with Gantt diagram,
latest generation web based
- Payroll - Project
service that allows teams,
timesheet, issue management
Project Management System.
Management with
companies or communities to
and templates. The system
It is called "Easy
manage, organize, store,
is modular, you have the
Projects" for a reason
avel tracker 2. Tally and
version, search through,
option to add approval
- it was specifically
Generate quick status report
collaborate & discuss
management and/or test
designed to make project
on Payroll and Leave -
upon, share and publish any
management to the base
management hassle free and
Absence Status 3. Highly
kind of information or
module. Use build in
straightforward. Using
configurable system to match
data.cyn.in can manage all
discussing forum, share and
multi-nesting projects and
the processes and rules of
your rich content, audio,
upload files with team
tasks, detailed statistics
your organization 4.
video, images, documents,
members. Download free SDK
and reports, email
Configurable groups to
presentations, spreadsheets,
and customize with your
notifications and alerts,
incorporate different work
drawings, archives and any
favorite development tool by
issues and requests
rules and reporting
type of files..
adding custom pages and
tracking, message board and
requirements 5. Integrated
reports. Access the 3f
other useful features you
time keeping and payroll 6.
Project 2006 database
will be able to track and
Intuitive user interface
directly. Low monthly
organize any type of project.
..... Global customer base
hosting fee.
..... NEW AJAX Functionality

Date: Nov, 02 2006

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Date: Oct, 28 2006

Date: Dec, 17 2006
Nabaza Php Collab
Virtual Project is a fully
nCollab.com is an Online
Today's business environment
Groupware Allows office
web based, managed
Project Management and
is complex, time is always
team members or department
application that is Free to
Collaboration portal and
of the essence. Getting your
admins and department
use. All you do is go to
brings Project Manager, Team
company's information in one
members to access, upload
vp.net.nz, register and you
Members, and Client together
location, can increase your
their office files to our
get your own vp.net.nz
in one space. You signup
employees productivity
server and download it at
project management
as Project Manager, add Team
dramatically. If you have
their time. Requires:
account. Features: -Manage
Members, create Client's
one office or 1,000 an
company id and validation of
tasks, bugs, CRs, releases,
profile, and start managing
extranet system will give
your accounts. If I suspect
resources and basic
your projects. Your team
you and your employees one
you're just someone wanting
reporting. -Allows for
members login remotely and
central reference point for
to use up space for your
management of staff,
update their progress. The
important company
mp3, wares, and freeware,
projects and multiple
client can login from
information. We designed
forget about signing up.
anywhere and see the porject
FlexOffice with flexibility
progress. nCollab is
in mind, You and your
first of its kind software
designated admin's are in
that has introduced client
complete control, and
and offers a
managing the system is as
easy as using Microsoft
collaboration, meaning, the
Word. Features of this
client is also a part of the
robust system include user
project. Features
management, permission
include: - Project
management, employee phone
Management --- create,
book, branch/department
manage, and collaborate
phone book, management /
projects -- Events
employee roles, company
Calendar --- save your
news, industry news, company
important appointments -
forms, and the ability to
Notes Manager --- a usefull
create an unlimited number
feature to save your
of web pages.
important notes -
Address Book --- create and
manage your important
contacts - Internal
Messaging --- an Email like
messaging but only between
project participants You
can signup for FREE and
create two (2) projects.

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