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3f Project 2006

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Web based project management
Virtual Project is a fully
AboutFace enables companies
Offers free web-based bug
system with Gantt diagram,
web based, managed
to deploy a set of intranet
tracking, timesheet, and
timesheet, issue management
application that is Free to
resources to make their
project management software
and templates. The system
use. All you do is go to
workplaces more efficient
designed for team
is modular, you have the
vp.net.nz, register and you
and more friendly. AboutFace
option to add approval
get your own vp.net.nz
consists of the following
management and/or test
project management
integrated components:
management to the base
account. Features: -Manage
Employee "Yellow
module. Use build in
tasks, bugs, CRs, releases,
Pages" - a knowledge
discussing forum, share and
resources and basic
management tool that enables
upload files with team
reporting. -Allows for
employees to identify and
members. Download free SDK
management of staff,
locate colleagues with
and customize with your
projects and multiple
particular skills,
favorite development tool by
expertise, or experience;
adding custom pages and
Employee "White
reports. Access the 3f
Pages" - a replacement
Project 2006 database
for paper-based phone and
directly. Low monthly
address lists that also
hosting fee.
incorporates instant
messaging and dynamic,
online floor plans; and
Employee "Face
Book" - a photo
directory of all of a
company's employees,
designed to foster a
friendly working
environment. AboutFace
customers include the law
firms of Brown, Rudnick,
Freed & Gesmer; Hill
& Barlow; and Willkie,
Farr & Gallagher;
technology companies
DigitalThink and Sonexis;
Johnson & Johnson; as
well as a number of other
organizations nationally and
internationally. AboutFace
is available for Windows,
Unix, as well as over the
Internet as an ASP service.

Date: Feb, 10 2006

Date: Mar, 03 2006

Date: Aug, 22 2001

Date: May, 21 2003
Celoxis is a web based
cyn.in (pronounced:
Easy Projects .NET - the
EB Suite's CRM - Marketing
project management software
"sign-in") is a
latest generation web based
Automation: Integrated with
tool. It inclues task
service that allows teams,
Project Management System.
the EB Suite's Contact
hierarchy, dependencies,
companies or communities to
It is called "Easy
Manager, CRM-Marketing
scheduling engine, gantt
manage, organize, store,
Projects" for a reason
Automation lets you identify
charts, resource utilization
version, search through,
- it was specifically
and segment
charts. It also includes
collaborate & discuss
designed to make project
prospects/customers to
time sheet software,
upon, share and publish any
management hassle free and
assure maximum effectiveness
collaboration (calendar,
kind of information or
straightforward. Using
for your outbound marketing.
address book, web folders,
data.cyn.in can manage all
multi-nesting projects and
Whether it's prospecting
discussion forums) and a
your rich content, audio,
tasks, detailed statistics
for new customers, or
unique workflow module to
video, images, documents,
and reports, email
remaining in touch with a
track and manage business
presentations, spreadsheets,
notifications and alerts,
customer news letter, EB
processes. The solution is
drawings, archives and any
issues and requests
Suite's CRM application will
available in hosted mode or
type of files..
tracking, message board and
automatically keep track of
you can download and install
other useful features you
the progress.
the software on your
will be able to track and
organize any type of project.

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