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A hosted Project Management Tool -Virtual Project


A hosted Project Management Tool -Virtual Project

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Virtual Project is a fully web based, managed application that is Free to use. All you do is go to vp.net.nz, register and you get your own vp.net.nz project management account. Features: -Manage tasks, bugs, CRs, releases, resources and basic reporting. -Allows for management of staff, projects and multiple organisations/clients. -Different access levels for each staff and give users organisation level administration or Site wide global administration. Basic users can manage any project tasks, issues, CRS or releases, but cannot modify project, staff or organisations -Fully functional system that will save you hours of time tracking projects, no matter where you are.
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris
Date: Mar, 03 2006
Author: Ben Fellows, http://www.vp.net.nz


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