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FlexOffice - Intranet / Extranet system


FlexOffice - Intranet / Extranet system

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Today's business environment is complex, time is always of the essence. Getting your company's information in one location, can increase your employees productivity dramatically. If you have one office or 1,000 an extranet system will give you and your employees one central reference point for important company information. We designed FlexOffice with flexibility in mind, You and your designated admin's are in complete control, and managing the system is as easy as using Microsoft Word. Features of this robust system include user management, permission management, employee phone book, branch/department phone book, management / employee roles, company news, industry news, company forms, and the ability to create an unlimited number of web pages.
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Date: Apr, 10 2006
Author: http://www.flexidx.com/flexoffice.html


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