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A very new website offering
free counter , Record hits to
How much traffic do you get
Display the number of users
free counters with no
your website, Record unique
in a month? Join now for
online on your web site
advertising. Currently there
visitors to your website,
free and have your counter
without all the installation
are just fewer than 30
Record visitors Join now for
up and running in seconds.
hassle. Simple pate some
counter styles available
free and have your counter
html onto your pages and
including hidden, text and
up and running in seconds.
track your visitors on your
many image based counters.
web site. See which pages
The owner is also quite
visitors are viewing and
willing to freely put on
how many views your
personalized counters for
accumulate. 100% Free
any member on the condition
that others can use it as
well. There is also a small
amount of statistical
information collected
including total hits and
total unique hits and the
ability to start your
counter where ever you like.
Any counter owner may also
put their website in the
"Web Site Listing"
section of the website.

Date: Dec, 13 2004

Date: Dec, 02 2004

Date: Dec, 02 2004

Date: Nov, 30 2004
Our Web Counter service takes
Our free web stats at
Process and service are fast,
This free counter can monitor
a different approach to
URL-Stats.com display
free, and reliable. Your
all the pages on your
Counters, we have advanced
formats come in a variety of
counter code is ready as
website. It displays the
features such as the ability
colors, fonts and sizes for
soon as you get on the main
number of hits for each
not just to count hits, but
you to custom configure. Do
page. No long forms to be
individual page. You can set
to count unique visitors,
not be fooled by fancy
filled in - not even your
it to have the style of one
you can Set your Count for
charts and pretty pictures.
email address! There are no
of your CSS styles so it
both stats back to (0), and
You need accurate free web
ads affiliated with the
would perfectly fit your
start your Hits Number off
stats counter statistics.
counter. You can set the
website. You can also check
at a higher Limit, Both
URL-Stats.com tracks and
counter to CSS styles of
your statistics on our
unique visitors and Hits
displays each bit of data.
your website so it would
website. No need to fill in
visitors are displayed on
Once our code is placed into
perfectly fit in. You can
any forms you just enter
your webpage as a text
your page(s) you will not
also change the wording used
your site ID which is
Counter, We now have an
have to edit anything else,
in the counter very easily
automatically given to you
Adavnced, but at the same
it can all be done from our
(IE instead of 1 User Online
when you start using the
time, easy to use counter
web based interface
you could put 1 Member
Style wizard, with an option
Online, or 1 Human Online.
for a scrolling Text
Whatever you like!)
counter, we also have a new
advanced Invisible Mode
feature, where you can hide
your counter from Site, we
offer a well designed, and
easy to use Members area to
admin your Counter, We also
offer a Paid Service from
just $1 per Month, for an
exmaple of our counter and
to see how it all works and
to get the lastest features
please Visit us.

Date: Nov, 21 2004

Date: Nov, 15 2004

Date: Nov, 15 2004

Date: Nov, 15 2004
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