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Text Hit Counter

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Hits: 478

theBIGcount Free Hit Counters

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A simple text hit counter for
Our comprehensive site
TinyCount is a
theBIGcount provides you with
your site! Each time a page
statistics provide you with
remotely-hosted counter that
free remotely hosted hit
containing the hit counter
everything you need to know
you can place on your
counters for you to use
code is loaded the hits will
about your website visitors.
website or classified ad.
wherever and however you
increase by 1. Set the
Our easy to read, detailed
It is free, safe, and
like. Simply copy and paste
counter to any number you
traffic reports will keep
anonymous. No personal
the provided HTML or
like! The size of the text
you up to date with every
information is gathered
Javascript code into your
may also be customized and
aspect of your website
about either the person who
webpages and within seconds
you may set different words
uses the counter or the
you will have a counter on
to appear after the number
people who view the webpage
your sites. Use it for your
of hits or you may select to
with the counter. Best of
websites, auction pages,
have no words appear after
all, TinyCount is extremely
projects or whatever else
the number of hits on your
quick and easy to use; it's
you can think of.
hit counter. Your settings
only one line of code to
can be changed at any time
paste into your ad. And
without having to alter the
unlike other counters out
code on your website!
there, you do NOT have to
create an account, supply
your email address, or log
in to see how many times
your ad has been viewed.
(And it won't falsely
increment if a visitor sits
there and hits refresh a
dozen times.) It is the
simplest counter in the
world. Our biggest fans say
it has done for annoying
counters what TinyUrl has
done for annoying URLs.

Date: Feb, 08 2006

Date: Jan, 25 2006

Date: Jan, 04 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2005
This is a very basic and easy
Detail statistics for the
The same HTML code will work
Free and reliable web page
to use counter, only an
attendances of your website
on any webpage/site (no
counters with detailed
email address and website
absolutely FREE. Da Counter
registration required). You
traffic statistics. Users
address is required for
offers you two free
are able to select the theme
can choose from various
registration. Any no
services: 1. Statistic
you wish to use as well.
counter styles and can opt
programmer or programmer can
for your site - Time
to receive stats updates via
do it all you have to do is
statistics - System
register, copy the html code
statistics (browsers,
and you are done. You can
operation systems,
choose from an ever growing
resolutions, colors and
number of styles as well.
etc.) - Demographic
See the website for more
Statistics (country,
continent, language ) -
Page statistics (popular ,
entry, exit pages and
etc.) - Search Engines
Statistics - Tools
(lookup, whois and ICMP
commands) - RSS Feed
2. Hit counter for your
site - Hit counter with
unique visits or page loads

Date: Dec, 05 2005

Date: Dec, 05 2005

Date: Nov, 29 2005

Date: Nov, 21 2005
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